Lariska drawing (inspired by IXRollOutIX’s MOC)

I got fed up with the madness that’s currently happening in the Poll Doce, so I decided to make a post that has nothing to do with Helryx/Hoseryx

Here is my drawing of Iariska the bounty huntress based on @IXRollOutIX’s combo model he showed in one of his Builder’s Block episodes:

Originally I was going to give her mechanical look which is appropriate for a Bionicle. But in Russia we have Lariska as an actual human name (funny accident) so I thought that it would be cool to make her an alien humanoid green-skinned Gamora-like cyborg(That’s just how my mind works)

And of course I should tell you how cool IXRollOutIX’s creation is. It just blows my mind how well he combined three canister sets from 2005.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated, as always :smile:


Now this, this is a lovely piece of art.

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Larisa, the nimble bounty hunter)

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Love the drawing. Gonna have to check out IX, been a while since I viewed his channel.

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Love this. She definitely looks like she’d use poisoned daggers. Killer boots, too, I’d love a pair.

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