Lariska, the Dark Huntress

I think everybody knows her there, but before any complains about her weapons, here’s something from her entry from the BIONICLE Encyclopedia Updated:

“Female Dark Hunter. Little known about Lariska’s early life or where she originally came from, but it can safely be assumed it was from a land, where every day was a battle for survival. Tough and cynical, Lariska is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter and an expert with many weapons, but prefers throwing daggers.”

Link to the gallery/album: My Lariska on Flickr

A scene from the Legacy of Evil

“First lesson, Rahi bones. Don’t turn your back on an enemy until you’re sure she’s stopped breathing. And don’t turn your back on a Dark Hunter until her body has rotted in the sun and her armor’s been scattered to the winds”

And just a size comparison (yes, again, but now with Brutaka)

I know she is not perfect, and this moc could be much better, but I like it on the way how she looks now.


The gallery have been uploaded with new images, and the pictures of the unfinished model have been replaced with similar but new ones.

Also she can do this, without clear stand or anything (even is she weights a lot)


Not bad!
Hey, now I'm not the only one who does Vortixx MOCs, haha. Anyway, I like to see the custom hand. I also like the cloth, a unique addition for a Vortixx character.
A few things I would suggest to improve the MOC:
- She looks a little too similar to Roodaka, so maybe change the hair. among other things
- And like you said, adding more lime green would look good
- Add a second custom hand
- Lastly perhaps add more to the chain weapon

I hope this didn't sound rude or anything, just my suggestions, from one MOCist to another. :smile:
I look forward to seeing it completed

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Yeah, she looks similar, for she meant to be similar. In my fan fiction, Lariska's species is the Southern Vortixx, a subspecies of Roodaka's. So they share similarities, like the head, the waist, the lower leg design.
I was going to make her only dark blue-black-and dark green, but I couldn't have those pieces so I recolored some into lime and blue. And they blend with the dark colors a way batter in person than how they did in LDD. Her thights will have some lime later, but the package hasn't arrived yet.

I was about to make a custom right arm too, but in this way, that's obvious how the robotic arm is not the part of her, because of the major differences between the two arms.

About the chain, it already has a spike on its end, and it suppose to be a throwing weapons for fleeing targets. And I haven't figured out yet where would she store it, if it would be longer it would need a bit more space. And she's heavy, if you guys interested in the build, I will upload instructions for her. :slight_smile:

Pretty similar to how I imagine Lariska. The head is a bit to similar to Vortixx for my liking, though.

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Updated with the link for the revamp’s folder, and with the actual photos of the revamp itself :slight_smile: Yes, she’s not teal, and taller than a Toa, but both aspects were found to be canonical after I built her, sorry for the inaccuracy :sweat:

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