Lariska, the turquoise assassin

Here is my interpretation of Lariska

Different angles

Different poses

Size comparison

Daggers made by me


This moc looks pretty good, nice job. The head is a little long though

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Thank you. I wanted to create a head composed of a vahki head with a sort of ridge with Takanuva’s blade, but not recreate a clone of roodaka’s head.

It results on a pretty long head, but I didn’t saw it as a problem. Many bionicle characters have elanced head (Krekka, Takadox, Krika to quote a few). But of course, everyone has his preferences.


not bad - i like the torso build!!!

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It’s not bad…though it’s kinda impossible to build IRL without painting parts.

Yes, I know. It was a cornelian choice to include these non existing colors parts.

At the bery beginning, I wanted to create a moc only using existing parts at the excption of my custom daggers. But when I saw the results, the color balance was not that great. There was more black than turquoise, and I didn’t find aletrnatives that convinced me that could have solved the problem. After a moment of thinking, I decided to change the color of some pieces, altough they were never produced this way (Like the turquoise metru-toran torso).

If it has to be built irl, a turquoise spray paint is easy to find online, so it wouldn’t be a big deal to paint them, but I understand it can annoy some people.

Have you tried making them dark green or silver?

Personally I think there is more than enough turquoise pieces to make a mostly turquoise Lariska but that’s just me. I like the simple design, feels like something you could see in 2004 or 2005 seeing as all the pieces seem to be one’s available then? also the choice of blades is nice.

The fact that Nidhiki was less than complimentary about Roodaka’s face makes me think he would have said something if Lariska’s was anything similar. So I’m iffy about the head as is. Still, a good Moc overall, details like the weapons storage is very nice.


With silver, it causes the same problem, and if i switch turquoise to dark green, their is also a non existing part in a specific color problem (Like the slizer head).

What I meant is recoloring the parts that don’t exist in teal (inika thigh armor and metrutoran armor) to dark green

Cool moc btw


If we except the shoulder armor and the inika thigh armor, all the pieces were available in 2004-2005.

Concerning Nidhiki, you have a point, but unless I’m mistaken, he didn’t decry the Shadowed one face altough it has similarities with roodaka’s. So, maybe you are right, but I think it would probably be more complicated than that.

But I consent that a clone of roodaka’s head, and by that, I mean the vahki head and the transparent hook combination, wouldn’t be the best idea. That is why I reversed the head and built something like this. For me, it used the vahki head, but turned it to something new, just like we can see with the Dark Hunter Spinner, which is far from ressembling to roodaka. We could also quote sidorak and Mimic head (a toa head + Bohrok eyes).

But again, everyone can have his preferences. Greg Farsthey won’t contradict us anymore for the reasons we all know, and Lariska look will only remain to the fan imagination.

mmm yes very true.

great build, pretty much perfect in always, except for the head, like @Axelford said i agree she shouldn’t have head built on the vahki head piece

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