Lawyer at Leisure

Life, death, power, riches
All are but commodities
Bartered with at will

For the highest bidder
Pays the highest price

So, six years and two days ago, I launched my first comic series, Live, Learn and Lawsuits.

I loved doing it. I've always loved comics, and doing my own comic series allowed me to dabble in that kind of visual storytelling, as well as teach me valuable image editing skills, and eventually led to my current job over at the TTV Podcast.

But I eventually grew tired of it come around 2012. Part of it was that my series was built around the cliches and storytelling gimmicks that the 2009 Comics Forum (then known as Artwork III) saw in abundance. It tried to be subversive and edgy, breaking the fourth wall, poking fun at what other newer comic makers would do, but ultimately it was just one giant reference to a joke that didn't exist anymore.

The other part was the BZPower Archive. So many of my first interactions with friends and co-workers could be found in the pages of that old site. When the archive vanished, so did a lot of that history. It kind of felt like years of my life had been wiped away. The new comics forum was mostly what I had hoped for (no revival limit, a forum mod eager to listen and work with comic makers), but it didn't feel the same anymore.

But I always wanted to come back. And I always wanted to try something new. Eventually, I started toiling away at concepts for a new series, one that didn't need the established culture around it to make sense or be funny. Something a bit more self-contained, a little more serious, still Bionicle-inspired, but one that could be picked up by anyone, Bionicle fan or no, and still make a framework of sense.

I don't know if I've succeeded, and I don't know if I'll even continue with what I've done. I have a bad habit of not being able to finish comics that I've started. I've decided to follow a wholly different style than the one I was used to back in the day, both visually and in the way I introduce the story, and hopefully it might look like something you guys would want to keep up with.

As always, but especially because I'm doing a whole new style of thing, feedback is really important to me here. I'd like to see what you guys would have to say. Consider this a kind of "pitch" comic, to gage people's reaction. I've got a lot written up that I'd eventually like to share onscreen, as well as commentary I'd like to put forward.

Today's my birthday, and I'm 20 years old. I guess it's my turn to give a gift.

Welcome to Lawyer at Leisure.

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this.... this looks good

I was actually about to ask you about moving this over to the boards. Anyways, these look great!

This actually seems really interesting. I'll certainly keep an eye on it.

Parts of it remind me of the story of Beyond the Red Mirror, not sure if that's intentional though.

Happy Birthday Kahi!
Anyways, these comics look great! They're short, but engaging, and I think the character designs look adorable. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Amazing! cant wait for more!

happy birthday!

Awesome comics, @Kahi!
And also Happy Birthday to you!

TTV: Off Air confirmed.

Cool comic, Happy Birthday Kahi. :P



Also, Happy Birthday.

This is quite awesome! May I ask how you made these? I've been interested in starting my own series for a while, and I'm planning to start in a few weeks when my summer break starts.

I think it's awesome. Happy Birthday to the K man!

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I loved your old comics (even if I didn't get a lot of the jokes) so I'm glad your making new ones. I recognize some of the old characters (but not their names stuck_out_tongue) so that's pretty cool +1. Keep it going.

This looks really cool! I will definitely follow this.

A day late, but Happy Birthday!

I really hope to see this continue!

Happy (late) Birthday Kahi! I wish I could figure out something better to write then this cliche, but it's all I've got.

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Happy birthday!

Man, this is off to an interesting start. I look forward to more!


All I can say now is...

Good job.

Aw yeah, this seems cool, I look forward to more

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This is cool, can't wait for more.

Happy (belated) birthday, Kahi! You did great on this, will love to see more!