Laxus Updates: Alternate Version + Backstory!

Well it's been a while. I'm sitting for a month-long test so that's why I haven't been mocing lately. However, I've managed to squeeze out some time and twerk up my self MOC a bit. So here we go~

Previous Version:

We'll start with the original version first:

Laxus and his brother, Rex are drones created to bring destruction to the land of Pygon. Before the creation of the duo, a lot of other drones have long been created to carry out this mission but failed due to the constant interference of beings known as "Toa". However, the drones actually succeed in the end after Laxus and Rex becam functional. But all hope was not lost, one of these Toas, Kai managed to capture and reprogrammed the duo, making them realize their mistakes and thus set out to redeem themselves. Laxus now journeys with his brother to find their creator and put an end to his reign.

Despite being a drone, Laxus is a very cheerful person, like a young teen. He is adventurous and enjoys every single time he spent to seek out their creator and defeat him. He is also very skilled in battle and controls the element of lightning. However, his immature attitude usually leads to problems that he requires his brothers assistance to solve it. He is also a friendly drone and found many new companions throughout his quest.

Updates: His lower arms are more slim now and the gaps beneath his chest armor has been filled. I also rebuild his neck and that means no more ugly gray connector! Oh and he can cross his arms more easily now :stuck_out_tongue:

Bonus alternate form: Inferno Unleashed!

Even heroes will get mad sometimes...

This is Laxus' alternate form when he gets serious in battle. He discards his lightning powers for plasma and becomes an even greater force to be reckon with! However, his uncontrollable temper during this form may lead regretful decisions and unthinkable consequences later on when he reverts back to normal.

I have this idea of an alt form for Laxus for quite some time and wanted to try it out. Turns out, it's pretty good. I'm grateful that I bought breakout Nex now :stuck_out_tongue:

As always, thanks for stopping by and C&C is always appreciated! :smiley:


First off I love Laxus's feet, the use of the stormer helmets are a great idea, I've never seen masks used as feet. He could possibly use some more blue on him but that seems pretty hard to do. Now the mask. It's simply amazing! I have tried many times to make a moc that uses that armor piece (minus the print on it) as a mask and you aced it. It works so well.

As for his alt form it's amazing x 2. The orange works a lot better then the blue in his regluar form (in my opinion) since it's spread out and there's more of it. Again the mask and feet, super cool and his sword is pretty beast as well.

Overall these guys are great little mocs, I especially love Laxus's alt form.

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Well this moc is amazing the whole look of it just flows really nicely and really gives off a robot look

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@MetaPower @Spoooooopy_velcro Thanks guys! :smiley:

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They both look good, but the alternate looks better. It's more beefed up, and it's white and orange.

I've always liked that color scheme.

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He uses the skulls of his enemies for shoes.

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I got to admit this looks great!
Like the head.

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