LDD Adventures: Vladin's Birthday (Pilot)

This is the pilot for one of my future series, LDD Adventures. I want to see if you like it.

Vladin: Hey there, Zerec!

Zerec: Oh, hey Vladin! What’s up?
Vladin: Oh, I am just here to be sure you come to my birthday.

Zerec (in his mind): Oh my god! Today is Vladin’s birthday, AND I FORGOT ABOUT IT!!!
Zerec: Yeah! Sure! Of course!

Vladin: Awesome!

Vladin: I can’t wait to see your presents.
Zerec: Pre—sents! Yes! I have two old Lego sets for you because I know you like the old ones!
Vladin Awesome! The part is today, at 8.

Vladin: I got to go! See you there!
Zerec: Yeah… Bye!

Zerec: Oh my god!!! Hope that I can find two old lego sets at the nearest store….
Sometime later…

Zerec: OK, I am here, now the only thing I need to do is to find an employee who can tell me where I can buy some old Lego sets.

Zerec: Excuse me, Matoran!

Matoran: Uhh… Yeah?
Zerec: Where can I find some Lego?
Matoran: Next to the shelves with toys. But hurry up! There are only two more! And both of them are very old!
Zerec: This is exactly what I needed.

At the Lego shelf…

(This set is too high to be seen)

Zerec: This is my lucky day!
Vortrakk: Uhh…

Vortrakk: I need a present for Vladin’s birthday too! I will take a set and you the other.
Zerek: Sorry, fellow! But I promised Vladin two sets.

Vortrakk: Then only one can win.
Zerec: Agree.
(Il buono, il cattivo, il bruto is sounding from nowhere)
Zerec: Great, cowboy music!

Vortrakk: Oh yeah! I will tear you apart, Zay! You won’t survive my fury!!! The Lego sets will be mine! I will take them and give them to Vladin!!!

Zerec: Look!!! Another Lego set!!!

Vortrakk: REALLY?!?!?!?! WHERE?

Zerec: IN MY PUNCH!!!

Vortrakk: Ugh!
Zerec: Now let’s take the sets!

Zerec: Hope that Vladin will like them.
Vortrakk: Look! Another set!!..
Zerec: You can have it.

At Vladin’s house

Razer: So, Vladin, why aren’t you open your presents?
Vladin: I wait for Zerec.
Razer: Really? He isn’t coming.
Vladin: He will be here soon!

Zerec: Hey there, Vladin!

Vladin: You arrived!
Zerec: Happy Birthday!!!
Vladin: Awesome! Did you saw Vortrakk?
Zerec: Uhhh… No?
Vladin: OK! Now let’s open the presents!

Toa Vladin
Zerec (ManiaMac1613’s self-moc)
Toa Vortrakk (@ToaOfUltimateDoom’s self-moc)
Toa Razer (@Kikoa’s self-moc)

So what do you think? Do you like it? Should I continue it?


I’m now in fan-fiction, haha.
Nice job.

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Thus was pretty funny, I’d love to see it continued! Keep up the humour!

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Probably should use a background. The bricks distract me.

There’s a viewing mode btw

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Yes but not all of them can be used in my story so…

It’s delightful. You should make some video skits of this for fun.

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Thank you, but I don’t know how to make animations…

Maybe use a blank white one if there is one

Uhh… How?

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There is a topic for LLD that might answer the question

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Thank you.

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Nice Job. Looking forward to more in the future.

Would it be possible to build all of these sets IRL and make a SM?

Thats Zaries bro.

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  1. [quote=“Levva, post:12, topic:39525”]
    Would it be possible to build all of these sets IRL and make a SM?


  1. I know, but Zaries seems to be more iconic. Plus, for a big period I thought Zerec was his self-moc.

1- :slight_smile: Is it possible to make these sets In Real Life and make a Stop Motion Animation?

2- Yeah, thats true.

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No, I am not able to buy enough pieces for them. I want to have as much as possible. I want to make something that I can’t in real live. Plus, I am not in stop-motions yet.

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