LDD Concept HF / Bionicle MOCs design help


I was recently looking through my old saves on LDD when I noticed that my old HF saves are gone so I decided to build some new sets in honor of Bionicle returning. There has been a good deal of discussion regarding the upcoming villain wave so I decided to try my hand at my own set of villains.

The first one I decided to make was Rex:

Basically he is supposed to be a big T-Rex sort of guy. Also a rahi. I like his design so far but there are three parts I'm still working on:
His head. I want a custom build and want to use the HF 2.0 shield piece for it.
His tail. I want is to be a decent length but I don't want to over do it or make it too plain. Also, should it have a sword or the like on it?
His main body. I really like what he has going for him so far but I would like to make it look better from the top but to do that I would have to change his legs but I really like them.
Also, a final thing about him is does anybody have any interesting color choices for him? I'm open to suggestions.

More to come later.


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Anyway red t-rex is red. Maybe some color of grey. It looks alright.

Wow! Good job! It would look a bit better with color though.

Agreed. Adding color would help give you a better idea of what you're trying to make. If it's all red then it's harder to see details. A possible color scheme: grey and dark green with red highlights.

Head: bulk up the top part of the head, and maybe make the lower jaw smaller as well.
Tail: perhaps a shorter sword on the tail, but extend the HF joints to keep it the same length.
Main body: bulk this up a bit.

it looks like a CCBS rock steed.


Legs are too small IMO. Nice otherwise; cool head.

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Don't know if this is necessarily on topic but:
R.I.P. HeroFactory
Died so Bionicle
could rise from
you're ashes
like a phoenix.
(We still don't
miss you though)

Any ways cool moc I guess

Don't say that. You will awaken zombie Furno.


Okay so I went and added some color and I did a few little changes on the tail:

The tail I decided to extend a little (I'm actually tempted to extend it further but then it risks becoming unstable.) and put a club on the end of it. I was originally thinking of adding a flame piece to make it seem like his tail shoots fire but I didn't fell like his tail was long enough for that. Also I thought the club tail would look pretty cool.

The legs I really like. I do think they would look a little bit cooler thicker but I really like there current design with the hips.

The body I might try reworking soon. I just recently found the piece that would help me add a few more things of armor to him but I wanted to check him out first in color.

The head is still a work in progress. That jaw setup seems to be the best I can get currently while still getting the rest of him on there. I do like the like glow-in-the-dark spikes around his eyes and I like the plated for his head allows me to put that little piece in there to give him a third eye laser beam thing. But I might still try going back and doing it again once again from scratch. One of my favorite jaws is this one but I can't really use it for obvious reasons:

Also a quick little sneak peek at one of the other guys I'm working on:


Awesome. Keep it up.