LDD Dragon MOC #7 - Gelua

Here’s another Dragon. And a more complex build she was. Meet Gelua. While she is usually gentle, she is capable of freezing you solid.

And please note that I hate doing feathers.

I’m working on seeing if there’s another way to show how I put these together.


I think the feathers are honestly the best part, particularly the wing design. May end up using that design myself at some stage. The body is mostly obscured by the feathers and the tentacle tail seems like an odd choice, but it does look like an interesting build.

Issue is, possibly caused by the angle, the head looks very large compared to the rest of the build. Any chance of alternative views? :3


I love the wings,but the rest is blocky and overall awkward looking.

Here ya go!

As for the

[quote=“Scarilian, post:2, topic:9003”]
the tentacle tail[/quote]
Design is actually based on:
(The tentacle pieces are meant to be “RIBBONS”)