LDD G3 Toa Weapons [Characters] [MOCs]

(I guess this is characters and MOCs? If not, feel free to change the title.)

Hey y'all!

So I know that there have been plenty of ideas and concepts on Gs toa weapons: how they should look like, what design they should have, what they are in general.

So I decided to many a handful of weapons myself, in Lego Digital Designer; all these designs are build-able, though I'm not sure how sturdy some are, or if they are in existing colors.

I took inspiration from a couple of Message Board Members and will credit them accordingly.
So without further ado, here they are!
(P.S. Color schemes are subject to change!)


From left to right, we have designs...
1. Shield: This is my design for Kopaka's weapon, mainly based on the fact that I want them all to have one weapon each (I think it looks more uniform that way).
PROS: Essentially, Kopaka would have Captain America's Shield (he could throw it around) and it would have a textured rim. Characters can ride it down mountains.
CONS: It feels a tad bit lacking, and he would be defenseless if he threw the shield at an enemy.
2. Shield and Sword: This, I believe, is what @Toa_Azureus and @Jon kind of wanted Kopaka to have: a fencing fighting style, with the round shield for Jon.
PROS:Weapon in each hand; printing could be added to shield. Shield is ride-able and Kopaka is not defenseless if he should lose his shield.
CONS: Perhaps fencing sword doesn't fit in with the BIonicle aesthetic? (Really up to personal opinion with this one).
3. Shield and Spear: 100% @Oomatu 's design, here. I had to swap out the snowboard for a skateboard, though (the snowboard was taller than the mini-fig!)
PROS: More protection from a realistic standpoint. Spear has long range; the flag also looks pretty cool. Shield is ride-able.
CONS: From the side, shield looks kind of funky. Those wheel axle holder things stick out and get in the way.


For Tahu, in honest opinion, any big imposing sword will do, but here are the ones that I think could work best:
1. Nexo Knight Clay Sword: Nothing too special, here. Just a re-colored Clay sword.
PROS: Big, imposing, 2 different colors of plastic in one piece, and he could Lava surf via the stud on the side! (added safety, as the tip is rubber)
CONS: Only one giant piece.
2. Brick Built Sword: It's my own design, but it's okay at best.
PROS: Constructable weapon. Looks more fire-like and it's more reminiscent of G1 Tahu's weapon.
CONS: Not as imposing; appears to be more delicate. Can't lava surf on weapon (and have it look good)


I don't even know why I included the last one; it doesn't stand a chance!:sweat_smile:
1.Maui Hook V1 Originally inspired by the Moana movie, @tahtorak made it even more awesome when he drew it as a fish, so this came into being!
PROS:Major connection to water and Bionicle's history. Made with a fish.
CONS: Might be a bit flimsy. Doesn't exactly have a smooth curve.
2.Maui Hook V2 See intro for 1.
PROS: See pros for 1. Has more of a curve than V1.
CONS: See cons for 1.
3.Scythe: It's a scythe; a "Giant hook"
PROS: No main Bionicle character ever had a scythe before.
CONS: It looks flimsy and a disappointment next to the other two.


Now my attempt to make an Axel figure was rubbish in LDD, because they don't have the Axel body, so this was the next best thing. I'd want to include more weapons, but as the cast discussed on the podcast, not much can fit in his hands.
1. Hammer: My design. It sort of matches the messy colors of Onua's prints and of actual Earth, I guess.
PROS: It's large enough for the character. Matches his aesthetic.
CONS: Might be flimsy. Colors are kind of all over the place.


All maces; sorry pickaxe fans.:pensive:
1. Oomatu Flail: It's a brick built version of the flail Oomatu came up with.
PROS: Reminiscent of G2 Uniter Pohatu Or is that a con?:stuck_out_tongue:. Flail can actually be flung around. It works for Pohatu (Objective Opinion).
CONS: Posing with be a bit of a problem.
2. Mace: My own little design.
PROS: It's a mace. Added safety with the mace piece being rubber.
CONS: Rather simple (Not that it's a bad thing).
3. Staff Flail: Again, based off of Oomatu's design, but with a bit of a twist.
PROS: See 1's pros
CONS: See 1's cons


I made a pickaxe for those who wanted it originally, as well as a blunderbuss from podcast 242.
4. Pickaxe: A custom built pickaxe, 'Cause custom pieces cause no creativity
PROS: It works for Pohatu (objective opinion). Rather blunt edges (so that he doesn't actually kill anyone).
CONS: Might be flimsy.
5. Blunderbuss: I pretty sure this style of gun is famous for it's round-ish/inverted-dome barrel. Made mainly just for fun
PROS: It's reminiscent of a blunderbuss.
CONS: Can't really use elemental power with it, and it's not very tribal.


I didn't include any weapons with fans, but @NinjaBoyJoel made a cool looking ax with the blades being fans, so check that out if you want to see fans.
1. Tonfa I guess that's what it's called?: Oomatu was the first one to come up with it, I think, but many others have also come up with their own versions.
PROS: Looks as if it could actually help one fly/glide. They remind me a of a butterfly, a good thing since Lewa's the air person.
CONS: Really basic
2. Ax: My own design; it works, but could be better.
PROS: Throwback to G1 Lewa '01.
CONS: Might be flimsy? Conflicting ax blade textures? Looks pretty heavy; a bad thing for a flying character.


With this one, I tried to replicate Oomatu's Tonfa/ax combo as seen in his latest artwork. It definitely looks off, specifically with the blade, but it's the closest piece I could find.
3. Oomatu's Tonfa/ax: It's a little long, and I also added a tassel at the bottom (to, sort of, make up for the fact that I couldn't find an adequate blade piece), but I think it captures the look and function Oomatu was going for.
PROS: Can be re-positioned to look like an ax or a tonfa (Dual function). Captures the best of both worlds when it comes to Lewa's weapon choice except for fans;sorry! :disappointed:.
CONS: It's a bit large (ideally, it would be shorter, I think). Might be flimsy?

So, yeah! There you have it!
Several weapon designs for the toa that can be built (in some capacity) in real LEGO.

Which one's are your favorite?
Are there some weapons you want to see built? (I might have time, I might not)
Discussion and Constructive Criticism are highly appreciated!
Thank you!


I'm pretty sure the weapons will be custom pieces, but these are really good. I'm especially a fan of Tahu's second sword.


Some nice designs. I like the look of Lewa's axe and the colors on Tahu's sword.

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You are a saint... excellent work my friend!

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@DannyBoyy Thanks for the feedback!
TTV has mentioned of making them custom pieces, though I just wanted to see if they could be made with existing Lego!

@Stoax Thanks!
I tried to make them alternate colors, as with Gali's hook, but the rest didn't really have an aesthetically pleasing color combo! So I had to resort to their print colors! In dealing with the axe, it definitely needs improvement, but I think it's a different take on the weapon.

@Oomatu Thank you! Your art was the inspiration for a fair amount of the designs after all!

Thanks for the comments and likes, everyone! I really appreciate it!

UPDATE: I added some weapon designs for Pohatu and Lewa.

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You nailed those tonfa's.

EDIT: Also that snowboard shield turned out better than I imagined. I'm not married to the idea, but it is nice to see a proof of concept. I literally came up with that on a whim.


A blunderbuss can be elemental! IT CAN SHOOT ROKS

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These designs are all really well done. I have to say my pics are rapier Kopaka, Clay sword for Tahu, Maui V2 for Gali, hammer for Onya for obvious reasons, pickaxe for Potato Pohatu (could be longer though), and the axe for Lewa (maybe shorter? seems a bit long).
Generally, if they were produced as actual models, most of them would probably need custom-molded parts, but these are definitely excellent renditions on LDD.

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That pickaxe for Pohatu is great. The other weapons look great too, especially the hooks for Gali.

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I totally agree with you on the matter of Kopaka only having one weapon. Makes them more uniform, as well as allowing for some interesting fighting tactics. My choices would be:
Tahu - Clay Sword (or custom mold if possible),
Gali - Hook (Though they look amazing, I doubt that the brickbuilt hooks would function well as playable tools. They would probably fall apart as most brickbuilt tools tend to. Custom mold, or a more stable design would work best imo).
Lewa - Tonfas or Axe (the axe-tonfas look excellent, but I feel that the axe-tonfas are a bit big and cumbersome for a minifig. Though to be honest, I'm sure I can come around to them eventually,)
Onua- Claws, or Hammer (but not both, as So far, every design I've seen has been far too large and awkward, even for an Axlfig. Your hammer looks cool, though I personally lean towards a more uniform despersion of colors.)
Pohatu - Mace. Simple, but useful, and the mace end could be potentially removed to make a ball to kick.
Voriki - Spear. Reminds me of Zeus in how Voriki would be able to hold it and throw it. But since I have yet to see any other designs, I'm pretty open on this one too.

Tl:dr - Amazing designs brought to life in LDD, but don't forget about the functionality of the weapons themselves.

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That's some nice concepts on the spur of the moment, right there! (The snowboard could be better, since the axel holder look a little out of place.
There was another piece that I just discovered, however, where it has the same general shape, except the bottom and one edge are completely flat; it might look better, but IDK).

Well... with this model, not exactly :stuck_out_tongue:

@Brunamal Thanks for the feedback!
I agree with most of your favorites; as for the builds I'd say Pohatu's pickaxe is a pretty decent length already (though it might not look like it in the picture), although I do agree with you on the fact that Lewa's axe should be shorter, though that can be fixed pretty quickly.

@Ele-Mental Thank you!
I agree with you on pretty much all of your points, though I, sadly, doubt TTV will just let Kopaka run off with just a shield :disappointed:
In dealing with Lewa's axe/tonfas, while they are a bit big, it might just be the fact that LDD doesn't allow the tassel on the end-attachment piece, to fall to the laws of gravity, so it does tend to look pretty large here, though there's not much I can do about it.
Your idea with Pohatu's mace being a 'ball' is a good one though; it spruces up his weapon rather nicely.
I didn't really think about Voriki's weapon yet, though I do think that a spear or some other long weapon (such as a lance or trident) would suffice her well.

Thanks again for the feedback! It helps get the gears in my head rollin'!
I might do some more weapons. Probably for the baddies, or side-characters, or something!