LDD JetBug-Revamp

My 2nst MOC on LDD. This one is bigger how I told you in my previous MOC.
So: This is it. I hope you like it!

Thank you. Have a great day!


It’s defiantly bigger, but better?

Sorry, but the amount of gaps this moc have and interior structure looks incomplete; just from looking at the waist alone show how hollow it is:

You also desaturated some of it’s original color, I would recommend reworking the body and not focus too much on large pieces. :bug:



This doesn’t really remind me of jetbug. The transparent neon orange is long-gone, and the gunmetal grey is no-where to be seen either. One thing that made Jetbug stand out was his massive array of red spikes all over his body, and his sword-arms. Unfortunately, those are gone too. His main colour has been changed from keet-orange to yellow, meaning that the only original colour left is black.

This is a mess, but with improvement, it could be good.


HOW I COULD FORGOT THE RED SPIKES!!! Thanks for reminding me of that

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I agree with all of the above…

other than that, it’s a good concept and definitely is worth improving.

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I agree with Monopoly, if you have this a different head it’d be impossible to tell they were the same character

Why are you replying on such old MOCs of mine? I deleted LDD by now.

I enjoy looking through old topics

The torso is a bit too long, but good job

Eh, could have used some rendering. It looks cool.