LDD Kingdom Project

Well, this is something I've worked on. I'll add stuff to it as I go along.
BTW, Still a work in progress, so don't be alarmed by the "Unfinished" spots.

A special tree in a sacred forest. The forest can alter itself depending on the intent of those who travel through it.

This city lies in the heart of the plains region. Tales, stories and ideas are shared in the main square, while many respectable sword-focused establishments can be found throughout the rest of the city.

Temple of Knowledge:
Deep in the forest, rests the Library of Remus, the Wolf of Knowledge. The contents within contain documentation of various subjects, but the resident of the Temple guards the most valuable pieces of literature from those who may abuse them.

Temple of Truth:
The Lion of Truth, Judas, resides in this place. Judas is most commonly referred to as "The Judge". Many people haunted by guilt come here to be judged, but few survive the trials.

Temple of Strength:
The Boar of Strength’s Temple can only be entered by those who have proven themselves worthy. Everyone who has entered the Temple has never returned.

House of Light:
Home of a species of “Owl-Men” and the Sword Master of Light. The inhabitants have a strange skill of never forgetting a word they’ve witnessed being said. Unfortunately, they never paraphrase anything either, so never ask one “Can you rephrase that?”

High Shrine:
Only Knights can enter the ancient catacombs within this mountain, for only a Knight can open the sealed door.

The Fierce Knight's armor:
The Armor worn by one of the two Kights. Only the mask was recovered.

I know it’s not constraction, but it is the LEGO Creations section. More pictures when I get to it.


The Temple of Truth looks like an arena...an awesome arena, but still an arena.



This reminds me of when I had LDD


I am so amazed that I nearly started to drool while looking at this.



This is very detailed, and I like how you built the structures in miniature scale.

Great job!


This is really good!

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Sorry, its fixed now.

Lucky you! Nothing to do with Chima here!

I'm just going to spit it out:

This project is a Legend of Zelda fanfiction I'm working on in my spare time. Do any LoZ fans recognize the armor?

P.S. - The Boar of Strength's name is Ganon.


There are Chima Eagles in the House of Light

He's just using the parts to resemble statues and sculptures. It does not necessarily mean that it's Chima related.
I don't know if you're just joking or not, but there are other uses for parts than just what they are at face value.

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I'm joking. But he did say "Nothing to do with"

Pretty sweet! Have you tried LDD2POVRay for rendering?

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[Talks to Self]
Where would the source of this strange magic be found?
[Looks it up]
Ooooh! I hope it's user friendly!


Why would I ripoff a ripoff? GASP! Ripoffception!
But seriously, the three Temples are home to GIANT animals(Think Muaka size). The "Owl-men" are the ONLY humanoid animal species involved in this project.

Other Major species are as follows: Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, Men(Not necessarily humans),
and Sprigens(please be spelled right).

@Umbramanis Sorry, takes too long to convert stuff. I'll try again at some other time.

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