LDD MOC: The Bohrok Nest (Brickonicle MOC Contest)

WARNING: This MOC was built by someone who has no idea how to use LDD, and who is terrible with system.

Still here? Well I present to you, The Bohrok Nest.
Name: The Bohrok Nest
Piece Count: 142
Price: $13

This model includes 3 Tahnok, Lewa, Kopaka, and Tahu. (Front)

Obligatory Back Shot (Back)

I don’t know if I need a side shot, but here is one anyway.


Tahnok (Piece count: 32 each)

Toa Mata Lewa, Kopaka, and Tahu (Piece count: 4 each)

And thus, this MOC has concluded.
Feel free to tell me how I did! Is it complete garbage? (It’s garbage, let’s face it.) Is it decent? Tell me.


40 dollars for just 142 pieces seems a little bit overpriced in my opinion, though I guess the large amount of BURPs probably makes up for that to a certain degree. The Bohrok look really good, I can’t think of a better way to make them out of system at this scale!


I’m afraid to say that it kinda is…it’s just a bunch of BURPs stacked on top of each other to form a vaguely mountainous shape.


I’ll put it this way: I wouldn’t buy it.

It’s not so much a set as it is a parts lot of BURPS and red micromanagers, the toa are alright, but the lack of prints (not really your fault) is certainly hurting their appearance.



@Alex_Twenty_Two except maybe that xD

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Yeah, I couldn’t really think of a price, so I just went with $40.
Also thanks.
Honestly, I wasn’t expecting anyone to say it was decent. So this doesn’t suprise me.
If it was a real set, I wouldn’t buy it either. It’s garbage except the figures.
######holy crap those look amazing

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They aren’t mine, I found them online a while ago.

But yes, they are amazing.

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you know lego wouldn’t use that many big ugly rock pieces in one set, right?

Yes, yes I do.
I didn’t really know what to build so I went with a lot of ugly rock pieces.

I’m going to be honest, it doesn’t really look that great.
It’s a nice concept and it’s got potential, but in that state that it’s in…well…I would not by it.

I know that you said you never built with LDD and building digital is definitely hard. I would recommend creating a few practice models, just to get the flow of the system. Also, I find that building with system alone is also pretty hard. If you do make a second entry, I would definitely practice more!

Good luck with LDD and the contest!


My suggestion would be to keep the mountain theme, but make it a lot smaller. You don’t need to put in every single rock that surrounds the action going on, just one or two pieces of scenery to indicate location. Maybe include some sort of item that the Toa need to obtain or defend for added playability.