[LDD Model] - You can't kill me... for I am nothing

My take on the G2 MNOG Makuta. I wanted to combine aspects of G2 JtO Makuta, G2 MNOG Makuta and Mask Maker Makuta into one solid whole for this version, and I ended up coming up with this. If I can find some way to add a skirt to the sides of it somehow, I will on a physical model.


Looks promising.

Good work man. 10/10

Well…it sure is something :stuck_out_tongue:

That looks great! The skirt is a really good idea. I’m just wondering what mask he will wear in the final product.

“nothing is perfect, and i’m nothing”


With all this talk of “I am nothing and yet I am everything” and all that, all I can think of is

Anyone who knows who this guy is gets a cookie.

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digimon adventure apocalymon

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Yes. You didn’t cheat did you? Last time I did something like this, someone read the file name. But I fixed that this time.

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Google search by image. :smiley:


For such a simple design, something about this works extremely well.

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Not bad, but the skirt looks weird to me.

I would think that some more complexity would make this MOC look GREAT. But all i can see right at these shots is Bones, shells and Groan Red axles! Nooooooo… But to be fair the hands are complex and in my opinion I think the axles in the feet would go well with a color change from red to black. And from what i remember of beast feet i also think another axle in the slot next to the axle would make the connector piece stay on Perfectly! In addition i think you should wait for everything from G2 to get imported to LDD and then change the head and take the model to extended LDD and grab a mask of creation then change the mask’s color to black… it would look AWESOME!!!

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The first thing that strikes me is the pose; you, dude, have good taste in posing. I’m not sure if I like how the shoulders are done; you’d think that Makuta would have some more defined shoulders. Any chance that we’ll see a view of the model’s back?

I don’t usually run into LDD rendering this high in quality. What did you use for the render?

Here’s a back shot as well as a deconstruction of the torso. The only change I made to the model was the addition of the staff.

I use the most recent version of Bluerender with default settings.