League of Six Kingdoms: part 6 Takadox

Today I present to you my revamp of Takadox, story wise he and the other barraki have been farther corrupted by the Pit Mutagen and have become bigger, stronger, and more ferocious than ever. This revamp is the largest of my barraki mocs having the most pieces and being tallest, pridak being based off the mantis shrimp has a hunched back like his real world counterpart. The moc also has longer arms to reach enemies easier and can easily shred a toas equipment, his large frilled collar is used more in defense and decoration as well as to add a bit more red than the original set. Like the rest of my Barraki mocs he retains 90-100% of his original pieces.


Iā€™m diggin the extra red and his hunched back but thin build perfectly fits his weasel-ish personality :+1:

Really liked this whole series, lotsa good stuff here!

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Ohh this might just be my favourite of your series! I love the new feet and legs being bulked out and inverted plus those pray mantis arms are very creepy. It could benefit from more blue throughout but idk where-maybe blue hf torsos instead of gunmetal?

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Now this! Is sick!