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A close up to the first 3 Defenders and I am not sure if these

guys are Matoran but they look like that they are wearing the same masks or Helmet

Heres the Earth/Land Defender and the Ice Defender but some reason He looks like Glatorian Strakk from the 2009 line?

Is it just me or is Kopaka look like wearing a swim jacket with those yellow pieces on him?

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lol looking closer at omega tahus board it looks like nujus crystal spikes and tahus blades are the herofactory brain attack swords in gold EDIT: kopakas chestplate is the brainattack chest as well!

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Yea that sword is from Hero Factory and lego looks like the reusing the Akaku, Kopaka's 2001 mask again.

Merging all your topics into one, as this is mainly discussing the leaked images and doesn't really require three separate topics. Just to help facilitate discussion.

The looks good but I dont think I'm going to like Gali's new mask

galis mask looks like her mask from the bionicle movie, Mask of Light

it does, meaning that Gamma Gali's not the name of the new Gali, it's....



Gold. Not Yellow.

Really it looks yellow, but it might be gold

galis golden mask is the nuva one for sure!

Hey I just found something potentially big!
So, I've been trying to create a Bionicle web site, and I tried typing in baramagna.com. darn, it's owned by Lego. botamagna.com- no results. aquamagna.com, however- that redirects to the message "Coming soon...." Is it someone like me, making their own site? Or... is this Lego's site starter?

So I took the leak of Onua, straightened it out, and tried to recreate it in Lego Digital Designer with the current CCBS parts.
It seems that Onua's chest is a new mold, as well as his shoulders and the extra bits on the shells. It also seems like the "hammer" he's holding is actually a staff of some sort with a cave-in in the background, giving the illusion of it being a hammer. Oh well.
I could try to do this with the other Toa, but it might be harder to replicate their builds, especially "Omega Tahu", what with the size of the pieces being proportionally wrong on him (unless he's getting a new chest mold as well).


I did a WhoIs on aquamagna.com, the domain has been taken since 1999, and it wasn't by Lego.
I did, however notice that baramagna.com was recently updated somehow, so I decided to do a WhoIs on both bionicle.com and bioniclestory.com. What I got is kinda neat.

Domain Name: bionicle.com
Updated Date: 2014-03-09 23:26:09 -0400
Creation Date: 2000-02-23 09:49:52 -0500
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2015-02-23 09:49:52 -0500

Domain Name: bioniclestory.com
Updated Date: 2014-03-09 23:28:06 -0400
Creation Date: 2006-12-19 08:38:26 -0500
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2014-12-19 08:38:26 -0500

Take what you will from that information wink


...last updated March 9th, nine months after it's closure? Interesting.... Ineresting....

Well, 9 months before its closure. both dates are in 2014

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I meant the original closure of the sites on June 19th, 2013.

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