Least Favorite Hero?

I agree.

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@Ghosty, harsh man. Harsh.

What makes Bulk “weird”?

But yeah, Evo totally has split-personality disorder. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Because anyone who is lacking on the intelligence side but not on the physical side is “weird”…

Or so says him.


Gif doesn’t belong to me

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What even…?

I have no idea

Rocka, Never liked him. I alway have hated him.

I disliked Rocka from the start, but now days I think he is pretty okay.

The hands down worst hero was Von Ness. He was not only a coward story-wise, but he also became Von Nebula, holder of the lowest IQ in the entire story. He was also obviously evil, having spikes stapled on his arms on his animated model.


Rocka or Surge. I could never take them seriously, and then when Rocka got his Breakout form and Surge his Brain Attack form, I almost lost it when I watched the episodes. How can heroes that look that good have such annoying voices and personalities. Plus, Surge never actually got to actually fight in Brain Attack since he got “brained” without much of a struggle. Plus I hated how Rocka pretty much stole the spotlight from Savage Planet until Invasion form Below, where they were all mindless androids/robots in giant mech suits. That was the one time I actually liked Rocka. Although I will say Bulk was pretty close, as he never got a set that actually made him bulky, aside from his Breakout form which made him tolerable. (Oh who am I kidding I love Bulk’s Breakout form) ^-^



And the Hydraxon helmet recolored black was also a big red flag.:point_up:

For a kind of dark explanation on this (that admittedly has a plot hole or some I still need to work out), you can go here.

Huh… a core transplant that wiped Evo’s memory… I actually quite like that idea.

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Surge, because he STINKS with wasted potential of his character

Also Rocka, because scrap Rocka

Cool idea, terrible execution

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