Leaving Biotube/Long Rant

Well, people aren't gunna read this long rant but oh well. I've joined the biotube community waaaay too late. If you didn't know, I'm a 19 year old male who joined biotube in 2015; first account made in February, 2nd account made in April. I know many old Biotubers who inspired me to make MOCS and stop motion, such as Wattati, T1movies, Scott, and others. But now, the biotube community isn't what it used to be. Most BIONICLE vids nowadays are either toy reviews or skits, which isn't bad, but there's rarely any stop motion story/action like how old biotube was. So pretty much, I am leaving biotube because of this and the new biotube community isn't that engaging enough or social, I guess, in my perspective. I've also got personal issues to deal with similar to Scott regarding the "real world". I'll stay around TTV, but for Biotube, I guess I'll take a hiatus from it. The real world is not a very kind place to be. I can only hope that new Biotubers (mainly kids/new fad fans) will show their talent of stop motion/MOCing and help keep BIONICLE alive.
-Thanks for reading this LONG RANT-LGNui


That's cool. I've never left Biotube officially per say, seeing as I occasionally feel like making content, but I can see why you would. Honestly, I'm glad all the drama has settled. If you were around in the flame wars of 2008/2009, then you know they weren't a pretty sight. What we have now is honestly rather preferable to what we had then.

I don't think it's dead for good, however. People will come back from time to time, and I'm willing to bet we'll see a resurgence once the new Bionicle fans are old enough to do that kind of thing.


@Garnira agreed. also, I think I should make a few more videos for the people who subbed me before I leave Biotube. I hope I won't be gone forever from Biotube, but it all depends on "reality". If reality does prevent me from making videos, then I don't blame anyone but myself. Like Ezio Auditore said, " The world will not suffer if my story ends too soon." Only been around for a short months and 90 subs was really quick. Don't know what the future will hold for my channel.

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It'll be sad to see an end to your amazing videos, but dealing with life if super important, and it's a wise decision to deal with the real world. I only come on the message boards AFTER I'm done with homework and stuff, and it's nice to see someone else who understands the responsibility. (Not that anybody else doesn't. There's quite a few here who do as well.)


Sorry to hear man, but I can understand why.

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Hope you can return sometime. Live long and prosper.

good news: I'm not dead


You almost gave me a heart attack. Glad your back.