Leerev the Lost

Long before the Core War, a member of the Iron Tribe on Spherus Magna called Leerev was arguably the most daring and courageous being on the planet. His adventures almost always relied on miracles to get himself out alive. Just before the start of the war, he disappeared. He had constructed a suit of armor designed to withstand the harshest conditions, including the deepest seas and the highest peaks, and even go into outer space. He never came back to Spherus Magna.

Name: Leerev
Weapon of Choice: a gun he built himself that fires tiny amounts of raw energy
Other gear: jetpack, insulated and pressure-resistant armor, helmet

MOC details: standard CCBS torso, standard Inika limbs, custom-built jetpack, helmet, and gun. His right leg has a couple of pieces that allow for weapon storage when not in use.

So, any thoughts on this guy? Suggestions? Hate mail?


While the build itself and the colorscheme are pretty cool, Iā€™m not sure about the back of his feet.

I love his breathing apparatus.