Legacy of Heroes - Chapter 1: Intertwined Paths

This is my and @MichaelTheLightBringer’s collab series. It is a crossover between his universe (Infinity Requiem) and my universe (centred around the yet unpublished Heroes of Okoto Saga). I hope you enjoy it, as we worked hardly trying to make it as good as possible.
Chapter two will be posted by Michael, so stay tuned!
With that out of the way, here it is the first chapter.

In his dark fortress, Darkseid was staying on his dark obsidian throne with his eyes closed. Some may say that the Vestal was just taking a break from his every day attempts to take over the universe. However, he had bigger plans. He was meditating at new plan, one that will not fail, one that is not allowed to fail. One that will succeed, one that will finally bring him his deserved glory after millennia of shame and blood.
His race, the Vestals, were a species of Gods responsible for creating the universe in which they were living in. They were able to travel from universe to universe if needed, or even create pocket dimensions. However, their seemingly infinite power had a limitation: they were not able to leave their multiverse. Darkseid was aware of this limitation. He was aware that there is an infinite of other multiverses out there, each with their own rules of their reality. He also knew that his brothers and sisters would not be able to track or defeat him in one of them.
The black tyrant smiled. “After all this years they never thought at this. I am going to use our very limitation to crush them. Oros. Dormamu. Scar. All will fall, and I will rule.”
His eyes opened widely as a fiery raging crimson red emitted from them. His noise was unbearable. Why did he hired him in the first place?
The door of his throne room opened as a human entered inside it. It was Yoruk, a Turkish man with an intellect comparable to the one of five Kaethronies, but loud as an army of Lutherians. Suddenly Darkseid remembered why he hired Yoruk. He was the only one able to help him.
“All right, boss!” Yoruk said with his strong accent. “After all of these months of hard work, I finally finished the portal! There are 97,45% chances of it to work, and all because of me.”
Darkseid growled. “I know, Yoruk. You reminded me every day.” He said as he stood up and headed out of the room. The Vestal was 10 times taller than the human was, but it was a known fact that this was not his natural form.
“Now that it’s done, I am waiting for my payment.” Yoruk said as he followed the Vestal.
“Patience, Yoruk. After I conquer this universe and this new one, you will be the richest human in all of Eutopia.”
“Oh my!” Yoruk praised. “My mom always told me that my huge brain will…”
“Help you in your life. I know this too.”
After a few minutes of silence the Vestal and the human entered a big room. A huge circular structure was occupying almost one half of the full space, making it both impressive and fascinating.
“Look at this beauty!” Yoruk said. “The Zenthronian technology is just a toy compared to this! Oh, I am a genius! Such a genius!”
“Cut it out, Yoruk.” Darkseid said, quite annoyed. “Turn it on.”
“Oh, oh I can’t, man! It needs to be charged! And such a machine needs an incredible amount of energy to work.”
Darkseid grinned furious. He was very tempted to kill the human. “How much power?”
“Well about three times the power of a nuclear bomb.”
“And where do I need to charge it?”
Yoruk pointed to an open port on the side of the huge portal. “Right there boss. I was going to ask you to give me enough money to try to buy something from the Zenthronians, but…”
The human was cut when Darkseid rose his hands and pointed them to the port. Two blasts of purple energy were launched right into the port, making the circular structure to slowly hum.
“…but I wanted to ask you to do this! Of course!” Yoruk lied, as always. “But of course that you knew my plan from the very beginning! You are the great Darkseid and all of that!”
Darkseid grinned as his blasts were slowly charging the machine. His determination for finalising it were greater than ever. He was so close of achieving his goal and he was not going to give up now. “How ironic.” The Vestal thought. “I used my powers only to destroy and now I use them to create.”
While Darkseid was charging the machine, and while Yoruk was praising his own intellect, a smaller figure appeared behind the two. He was wearing golden armour with hints of brown. It was none other than Scar, the Proto-Vestal, a former mortal who was reborn by the other Vestals as one of them. Darkseid’s biggest enemy.
“Darkseid!” Scar yelled. “Stop it! Right now!”
Yoruk turned quickly and gasped. He then ran away, hiding behind a part of his machine. Darkseid groaned as he turned his head to Scar, without stopping to charge the machine. “Scar!” the dark Vestal said. “How funny. Only three years have passed since we made our armistice, but you are already walking in my private space!”
“Don’t you remind me of our armistice!” Scar said. “You are already doing against it! I knew that you are planning something! I knew it, Darkseid! And I was right! How dare you try to attack a different universe? Nobody from it did anything to you!”
Darkseid sighed. “You don’t know when to give up, do you?” before Scar could respond, Darkseid quickly shot a beam of dark energy towards it, keeping to charge the machine with his other hand. Scar in response opened his hand and caught the beam, trying to overpower it.
His sturdy feet began staggering back with the ground as the beam started shinning brightly. While Scar was trying to deal with his beam, Darkseid turned to the machine, trying to channel more and more power towards his right arm to charge the machine faster. “Yoruk!” Darkseid yelled, knowing that this will not keep Scar busy forever.
From his hiding spot, Yoruk looked at a screen on a nearby wall. He grinned widely, seeing that Darkseid’s energy was doing it’s job. “It’s working, boss!” Yoruk yelled. “A few more moments and the baby will be fully charged!”
“N-no!” Scar said, hearing Yoruk. “I cannot let you win!” The Proto-Vestal yelled as he channelled two golden energy of his own, surpassing Darkseid’s weaker beam. This surprised and overwhelmed Darkseid as the beams hit him hardly and sent him flying into a wall. However, it was too late. The machine was fully charged. It’s central circle started shinning in a purple light as random objects inside the room started floating: pieces of metal, construction tools, blueprints, even Yoruk himself started floating to his own confusion.
Scar’s body started shinning in a golden aura as he levitated to the same level as the objects. “I will not let you win, Darkseid! Not this time, NEVER!” With all of his powers, the Proto-Vestal created a barrage of energy bolls and sent them towards the machine. However, Scar was surprised when he saw that none of the energy balls were making any damage to the machine. Instead, the machine grew more and more powerful, almost as it was absorbing the Proto-Vestal’s powers. Before Scar could realise, the machine released all of its absorbed power, creating a shockwave that hit by a wall. Scar stood up. He was drained of powers, and he was knowing that only a miracle could save him now. In this time, Darkseid recovered and was standing up between Scar and the machine. He was laughing evilly. Finally, after all of this time, his plan was successful. It was his time now!
But suddenly, a weird noise came from inside the machine. Then the sound repeated again, and again. “Yoruk?” Darkseid asked as he eyed the human.
“I don’t know, boss!” he said, trying to defend himself. “It shouldn’t make sounds like—WHOA!”
The human was cut when tha space in front of him… ‘opened’, forming something like a dark purple portal that sucked Yoruk inside. The portal quickly close after the human was gone. Both Darkseid and Scar were looking confused at the former location of the human. Before any of them could question what happened, a shockwave was released from the machine. The shockwave didn’t hurt the Vestals, but it travelled out of the room, out of Darkseid’s fortress, out of the country, out of the planet. The shockwave travelled across the entire universe, and not only. It penetrated the bareer between Darkseid’s universe and his targeted universe from another multiverse, a completely different universe, one the Vestals have never seen before.
In this new universe, there was an island. It was called ‘Okoto’ by it’s inhabitants, members of multiple, interesting species, like the Matorans, or the Toa. In the centre of the island there was a city, the City of the Mask Makers. In one of its neighbours there was a house in which one of these Toa were living: Vladin, Toa of Fire. In front of the door entrance there were two more Toa, a couple: Razer, Toa of Lightning and Illa, Toa of Stone. As always, the couple brought their kids to Vladin to take care of them for a while. Even tho Illa really didn’t like the idea, she had to accept it one more time.
“Thank you for taking care of Virra and Vekoron, Vladin.” Razer, a former member of Vladin’s team, said.
Vladin smiled widely. “No problem, Razer. The pleasure is mine. I always have fun with the two. They are just two bags of joy. I’ll take care of them!”
“You’d better.” IIIa said sternly, to which her husband hit her with his elbow.
“Alright let’s go. Goodbye Vladin.” he said as he took IIIa by her arm and leaving.
Vladin smiled as he watched them leaving. He then entered inside his house and went to the living room. The young boy Vekoron and the baby Virra were waiting for him on his sofa.
“What?” he asked when he saw that the two were looking at him.
Without saying anything, the two kids pointed to the TV in front of them. Vladin smiled. “You vampires.” He took the remote controller and turned on the TV, letting the two to watch whatever they were wanting.
After Vladin assure himself that the kids are hypnotized in front of the TV, he immediately activated his communication link and called his girlfriend: Rena, Toa of Water.
“Rena! Rena!” he said via the comm link. “Come quickly! There is a critical situation!”
Rena, who was in her house on the other side of the city, got tricked by Vladin and responded quickly to his call. “What is it?” she asked, taking her sword.
“I am babysitting Razer’s kids again and I am extremely bored!”
“Oh no!” Rena said, deciding to play Vladin’s game. “I am coming right now.”
Vladin chuckled and closed the comm link. In less than three minutes, he could hear the door opening. This took him by surprise. He turned quickly to it, but not fast enough to see Rena jumping in his grip. The two Toa fell down. Rena was sitting on top of Vladin’s chest, chuckling.
“I am prepared, brave leader! I am prepared to kill your boredom!” she said.
“Rena!” Vladin said, barely breathing. “You… Are… My chest!”
“Oops!” she said, standing up and helping Vladin. “Sorry.”
“You are heavier than I imagined.”
“What are you saying, that I am fat?” she said, mockingly, before kissing him on his cheek.
While the two lovers were chuckling and mocking each other, the two kids had their eyes fixed to the TV screen. Vekoron, the 7-year old Okotoan of Electricity, was watching a super hero cartoon, and was trying to imitate the fighting moves of the main characters. Virra, the 8-months old baby, was to young to realise what was happening in the cartoon, but was captivated by her brother’s moves. Rena chuckled, seeing the two.
“This TV is like a drug for them.” She said.
“A drug that will keep them busy until Razer shows up.”
“I guess you are right. Well? How was your day?”
“You know, the norm.” Vladin said as he sat down at a table. Rena did the same, and the two started chatting while the two young Okotoans were still under the TV’s spell. This was one of Vladin’s regular day. A regular day in a completely different universe. Of course, that was going to change soon.
Out of nowhere, a portal opened right in front of the two kids. The portal was almost identical to the one that sucked Yoruk. The two Toa stood up and eyed the portal confused.
“Vekoron!” Rena told the young Okotoan. “Don’t approach the portal!”
But it was too late. “Cooool!!!” Vekoron said as he approached the portal. Before Rena could catch him by his hand or his leg, he was already sucked inside. The Toa of Water attempted to jump inside the portal to rescue the Okotoan, but the portal closed while she was mid-air. She fell down on the wooden floor. “Ouch…” she sighed.
“Are you OK?” Vladin asked as he took the baby Virra in his hands. Before he could hear Rena’s response another portal opened right in front of him, sucking him inside. The experience was… not as bad as one would think. It was like walking in a tunnel made out of purple mist. As Vladin left the tunnel with the baby in his hands he woke up in the heart of a dense jungle.
“Am I… In the Region of Jungle?” he said to himself. As he was looking puzzled at the huge trees above him, Virra started hitting his checks with her small fist. “Ouch.” Vladin said, looking at the baby. “What is it?”
The young Okotoan pointed to his right. Vladin looked in the pointed direction and saw Vekoron running around an extremely tall tree.
“Vekoron!” Vladin said, happy to see the boy. “By Tahu! I am so happy that I didn’t lost you! Razer would have killed me.”
“Uncle Vladin! Look!” Vekoron said as he tried to imitate one move from one of his cartoons. He kicked the tall three with his leg, and to Vladin’s surprise, the young Okotoan actually cracked it.
“All right!” Vladin said as he took Vekoron in his arms together with Virra. “Ghabix either found a new type of fragile, exotic trees, or this is not exactly the Region of Jungle.”
“But Uncle Vladin!” Vekoron said. “This is looking like the Region of Jungle!”
“I know, little man.” Vladin said as he started to walk away in a random direction. “But from my experience with the Space Stone, when you are sucked into a portal, regardless of it’s colour, you would most likely end up in a very distant place. Let’s find a village before its night.”

While Vladin was trying to find a safe place for him and the two young Okotoans, Bambu, a Ysmaen from the Vestal’s universe, was floating and meditating as he enjoyed the breezes of wind moving throughout the Prime Palace. Before he could finish his session of meditation, he suddenly felt a breeze of cold air surrounding his body and quickly disappearing.
The Ysmaen opened his eyes. He didn’t knew this, but he was in the City of Mask Makers. Bambu stood up, confused. “How did I get here?” He soon realised that everything about the city, its people, architecture, and even clime, were much different that everything he have seen. He decided to walk through the city. Maybe he was going to find out what just happened.

Meanwhile in the opposite corner of the City of Mask Makers, Ghabix was sleeping on his sofa in front of the TV, with the remote control in one hand and a slice of pizza in his other hand. Suddenly, he felt the same cold breeze as Bambu did. Before he could properly wake up, he found himself in the dirt of a small human village.
“Oh my…” he said as he stood up and as he took a byte from the slice of pizza. While he was doing so, the humans were approaching curious by him. “What the hell are you guys?” Ghabix asked. He’ve never seen a human before, but he wasn’t too curious.
“A-are you a Kaethroni?” one of the humans said, afraid.
“Say what?” Ghabix said, now confused.

In the Prime Palace, Mike was training in the training hall. He was running and fighting manikins with great speed and force, especially for somebody the size of an Okotoan. As he was about to destroy one the manikins, another portal opened and sucked him in. He fell down right in the middle of the Region of Fire. “Oh, scrap.” He said, as he looked around at the volcanic landscape.
Back in the City of Mask Makers, Kikoa, the Toa of Water, and Quartza, the Toa of Earth, were walking along and chatting about their past missions. Suddenly, another portal opened next to them, sucking a Okotoan. The portal then closed.
“What was—“ Kikoa said before another portal opened, sucking another Okotoan. More and more portals were opening and closing around them, faster than the blink of an eye.
Suddenly, a glider crashed next to them, hitting Kikoa. The Glider then exploded in a cloud of dust. Ignoring the portals around him, Quartza quickly rose the glider and threw it away, hoping to find the pilot and Kikoa still alive. To his surprise, none of them were there.
Meanwhile, in his personal office from a Z.I.S. facility, Agent Seven was writing a report about his last mission on his laptop. And done! He thought. However, before he could send the report to his superiors, he found himself tapping a volcanic rock. He looked around and realised that he wasn’t in his office anymore, but in the Region of Fire of Okoto.
“What have the Kaethroni in mindnow?” he asked as he began exploring the place for further analysis.

As Agent Seven was exploring the volcanic realms of Okoto, Kulta was talking with Skull Basher and Skull Slicer about a new, fantastic, definitely-successful tactic that will defeat the Toa once and for all. However, before he could actually finish, a portal opened and sucked Kulta in, leaving the two quite surprised and shocked.
“What the hell?!” asked Skull Slicer.
“Could be a Toa trick or somethin’.” Skull Basher suggested.
“Are you nuts and bolts, Basher?” Slicer asked. “They never did this, you think all the suddenly they have the means to vanish our leader?”
“I was just assuming stuff.” Skull Basher responded.

Back at the Prime Palace, John was looking for his master Bambu, or for his friend Mike. He was confused when he saw that none of them were there anymore. But before he could end his searching, a portal opened behind him and sucked him inside.

Octavian was in the Great Library of Okoto in Whenuos City, the capital of the Region of Earth. As he was climbing on a ladder to get up to a high shelve, he lost his balance and fell to the ground. Fortunately, a portal opened mid-air right before Octavian could fell to the ground and brake a limb.

As it would seem, Darkseid’s Machine was teleporting random individuals from the Vestal universe to the Toa universe and vice versa. Vience and Doctor Mercy were as well the victims of these portals. Darven, Otto and XT4 quickly followed them.

Scar could feel this disturbance throughout his Universe as other innocent people were transported into a different reality. “What have you done!” he asked Darkseid, enraged.
“Oh this?” Darkseid asked with a grin on his face.“This would finally give me the fighting edge I need into destroying you and the Vestals once and for all!” He slowly approached the Proto-Vestal. “But first I’ll destroy you.”
The dark Vestal rose his fists and prepared to crush Scar’s skull, before a portal opened under the hurt Proto-Vestal and teleported him away.
“Well I guess this works too.” Darkseid said as he turned to the still working machine. “Phase one is done. Time to call the Kaethronies for phase two.” He left the room quickly. “Let the chaos begin.”
In the Toa universe, Darkseid’s counterpart was meditating in a dark cave. Suddenly, he felt the same cold breeze as Bambu and Ghabix. The only difference is that Doraxus knew what just happened. He knew what happened, that it was going to happen, and that it was imminent. But he never thought it is going to happen this way.
He opened his large, yellow eyes as the pupils adjusted to the light of the jungle around him.
“Fine.” He said with his deep voice. “We are doing this your way.”


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