Legacy of Protectors: A Bionicle Multipart FanFic #1

“During every event, every single battle or struggle, there comes a small glimmer of hope. It’s small, inconceivable, and unbelievably needed.” The Unknown Traveler.

After Makuta Teridax’s fall at the hand of Mata Nui, the groups of Toa, Glatorian, Turaga and Matoran were left without a suitable city to inhabit or another island to populate. Islands were scattered miles away during Mata Nui’s fight with robot Teridax.

The Turaga, specifically Turaga Vakama, were dumbfounded and left with literally nothing but their people and protectors.

Days later, Vakama and the Turaga had an idea.

“What if we start building another city right here.” Said Nuju, aiming his gaze towards Mata Nui, who regained his Glatorian body to talk to the others.

“With what materials? The robotic-mechanization of Teridax?” Asked Matau, confused.

Takanuva walked over, carrying a few boulders and exhausted. He and the Toa had been making shelters for the Agori and Matoran with debris from the Fall of Teridax’s robot body.

He had made about half of them already.
“With our bare hands and mask powers. We are Toa, not Matoran exosuits. Let’s help them.” He suggested.

“I truly admire your admiration for your people, Toa of Light.” Mata Nui replied with a smile and a clap on the shoulder.

Takanuva dropped his boulders, surprised by the hand of a Great Being on his shoulder.

A few days had passed after. Everyone was beginning to build a new home, or what was a makeshift village at the time. Until they could inhabit a suitable island, this would have to be their home for now.

After a week had passed, a small group of travellers passed through the small village, with a being of black and red in the arms of one of the travellers. He was adorned with no mask, but the head of a black rahkshi.

I might have done something like this before, with the same title. But I wanted to create a small Multi-part series with some of my own custom characters, including the sword master, Lynis!

Thank you for reading!

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