Legacy of Protectors: A Multipart Bionicle FanFic #2

"We are one being. We are the embodiment of malicious mechanization."
The Unknown Traveler

The group of Toa were working hard at building a new city, unknown to them a group of travellers were at the mouth of the camp, with fie other figures.
The group of unknown beings entered the camp, unbeknownst of the Toa The group consisted of five Toa sized figures and a Turaga sized figure yet they wore nothing but black fabric around their faces and bodies. They clearly did not have a good situation as one of their members was being assisted by two of the Toa sized figures. He had been knocked out, but by what is unknown to Vakama and the group.

The Turaga sized figure hobbled into the camp,, he seemed to be in distress from a distance. Vakama started towards the group of robed strangers, eager expressions on his face swapped with other emotions.

"Are you alright?" He asked the Turaga sized figure.
The figure looked up at Vakama, and with a jerk of his hand, revealed his face.
He wore an elder Kanohi Pakari, which had scars around its blue colour. He also wore a patch over one eye.

His mask had weak power, Vakama could sense it through his being.

"Are you a Turaga? We need your help, and the Toas. Our friend got attacked by a giant winged Makuta."

Tao Onua and Gresh went to pick up the figure, who had a large gash along his slick armour. It dripped a weird substance, more than likely it was Antidermis. The figure wore the colour Blue but didn't seem like a Water Toa or Glatorian of Water. He had carried with him a Fire Sword. And he had accents of red with his armor, yet it looked corroded from battle.

There remained the group of 5; The Turaga and the 4 Toa sized figures.
Vakama needed answers, so he started with the questions.

"Who are all of you?" He gestured to all of them.

The 4 large figures removed their hoods, revealing the same mask as the Turaga hunting 4 colours; Green, Blue, Orange and Black.

The Turaga looked around at the group of Toa and Matoran building around them.

"My name is Elrock, my five Toa here are Reuks, Vrakai, Serio, and Melok. Me and my Toa share the same element: Power."

Reuks, the Green masked Toa, knelt down at Vakama.

"We are against Teridax just as much as you are."

He carried a Laser axe, It resembled Hewkii's in a way only it was bronze. He also carried a shield, silver with scratches on its surface.
Vakama imagined him looking like a valient Toa, with the strength of Onua Nuva behind his mask.

The Orange Masked Toa identified himself as Vrakai, Blue identified as Serio and Melok identified himself with his black mask.

The Turaga took a breath in, sighing almost.

"And my name Turaga Werlam, Turaga of Power." He staggered while saying his name.

"My name is Turaga Vakama. I lead most of the Toa here. Now that we know who you are, follow Tahu to your quarters. We built a few extra huts for Matoran to use, but it fit you all just well."

Tahu stood up from the ground, putting his blaster away.
The group walked towards Tahu, to which he greeted them. Vakama looked at the robes cloaking the Toas backs. They were torn with holes and stains, yet still somehow they kept their black colouring.

Kopaka walked over to where Vakama was standing and knelt down beside him.
He was also intrigued by the sudden appearance in the village.

"They don't give off a good vibe on my end. And usually when that happens trouble follows. I like 'em and I don't like 'em, Turaga."

"I agree, Toa of Ice. They don't seem like their here for settlement."

"Let's accept them for now. They are one of us after all."