Legacy of Protectors: A MultiPart Bionicle FanFic #3

The Toa quickly got to learn their new acquaintances and gave them the upmost respect, even if they were strange they were still Toa and Turaga.

Serio and Reuks had a very strange vibe to their being, as they all had one common trait: Their keen sight and sense. Serio had spotted a few Matoran who had simply dropped rocks milliseconds before Tahu, who was sitting on the log in front of him behind the Matoran.

“You are the Toa of Fire, right? I heard you were one of the best fighters during the Final Battle. And that you led the Toa into a huge battle against two giant robots and their counterparts.” said Serio, noticing Tahus features.

“Yes, I am regarded as that, a Leader. My brothers and sisters are all pitching in to build a new city. We do need shelter after all.”

Kopaka leaned beside one of the tents behind the group, studying Serio and the group.
He doesnt like them just as much as Pohatu doesnt like sand snakes and stone scorpions.

They dont seem all that good, to me anyway. They have very weird readings on my scans of them. Very weird indeed.

Kopaka scanned Serio again, hoping the readings would be different or at least different in their personalities.

Same readings as before, weird and not Toa-Like. They either aren’t Toa or something else is going on here. Kopaka was filled with bewilderment.
That night was rough for the Toa, they had to take multiple shifts building new pillars for the Toa Suva-Kal, an uprising Suva designed for Glatorian and Toa, The Glatorian need to learn about Mata Nui, as if they haven’t already judging from the batlle between Teridax and Mata Nui.

Some of the breaks were used watching over the Matoran, but for Kopaka he only wanted to follow and study Serio, who seemed the strangest out of the five. He disregarded the being in the health tents as the face of a Rahkshi truly scared him, maybe it was the only true thing that scared him.

Serio was walking towards the weapons storage tents, for reasons unknown to the stalking Kopaka, who was hugging the shadows of the tents like Paku spiders in the light. Who would think a Toa whos armour colour scheme is white as snow, with a blue receptacle for an eye scanner, would skulk in the shadows?

For the love of Mata Nui, he is really being the weirdest being tonight.

Serio thought about how Lynis was going to recover, after his accident on Xia.
What is wrong with him? He thought to himself.
How come sometimes at night his tent is the only one lit up?
Just as he thought that, Kopaka was almost approaching a shadowed corner just behind Serio. The tension is really high between the two beings.

Serio opened the storage tent flaps and right behind him followed Kopaka.

Time to see what you think your doing.