Legend of Chima Remade

This is something i have been working on for a long time, since the news that the show was endind, which still is a bit unfortunate for me, but i desited to take the time to think how Chima could have been if its animation style was something like the Exo-Force videos or the like, he also made a similar idea for Ninjago. But that is not important right now (but you can ask me for info about it if you are curious)

One thing is that i will take existing characters and change them, ither in a major or minor way.

first is the one i have been thinking of the most:

Sir Fangar

Sir Fangar was once the leader of an army of rebels who where trying to remove the arrogant Phoenix from power, and bring a new age of peace in Chima, however the Phoenix used the dangerous Illumination to prevent them and to finely make themself gods, this however failed and Chima was wounded, with the Phoenix's main fortress being sendt to the sky, while the rebels and many other tribes who where caught in the Illumination's blast where dragged into the deepts of the cracks that was created from the Illumination.

Down in one of those cracks, Fangar meet his end, and he forever cursed the Phoenixs and after all these years of rage and hatefull thoughts, when he finely was reawaken by the Chi, his first desire after all these years was to have the entire Phoenix tribe extinct and he would kill any tribe who where to stop him.

Phoenix Tribe

The Phoenix Tribe was one of the first tribes in Chima, and in Chima's past they worshiped a being they called the "Golden One". But as conflicts started to grow in Chima because of the different tribes being unable to see eye to eye on the meaning of the "Golden One"'s words. Before long Chima was then removed from the being's home realm, and the Phoenix Tribe like other tribes, then belived that they had been cast out from their creator's home.

But the Phoenix Tribe did not wish to belive that they where punised for being arrogant, instead they began to belive that their goal should be to aid the other tribes and to one day find a way to return to the "Golden One"'s realm.

But as time when on, the Phoenixs started to belive more and more that they where infact the true children of the "Golden One" and they then began their experiments in trying to make themself gods so that they could re-join the "Golden One" at his side.
And while their experiments in creating a perfect Illumination grew more extreme, they also grew more arrogant towards the other animal tribes of Chima, to the point of having them worship them as gods, and would even treath them as lesser beings.

But their experiment with the Illumination caused harm to Chima, but the Phoenix did not care for the damadge, because they belived that they would be able to repair the damadge once they had become gods. The damadge to Chima also allowed the Phoenix to take elemental forces that had been revealed to become both stronger and to aid them in their Illumination experminets.

weather or not the Phoenix will learn of their mistakes is unknown to many, but if they do not learn soon, they may bring destruction to all of Chima, no matter how "good" their intensions where.


Reagull is considered a freak by both the ravens, eagles and other birds. The reason for this is because he is a cross breed of both a raven and a eagle.

In his entire life, he has suffered humiliation and bullying, even his own parents did not want him (infact his birth was even an accident, because nither his mother or father had any love for one another).

Reagull was eventualy forced to live outside the cities of Chima, and would there conduct experiments to see if he could one day be more like the other birds of chima, a goal that have unfortunatly made him mentaly unstable.


Sykor is known to his fellow Saber-Tooth Tigers as a wild monster. His madness was well known in Chima's past, killing and eating the different members of the tribes, like an animal. But luckily the rebels manadge to capture Sykor and put him in chains to prevent him from harming the other tribes. But after the great Illumination, he was (like the other tribes of Chima's past) forever stuck in a limbo like existance, being unable to feel anything but the cold hand of death upon his body, but one day his body was woken up by some unfortunate member of Chima's new tribes, and Sykor's first act after a long dreamless sleep, was to devouer the poor victime, and continue his life of madness once more, but now he is more dangerous than ever, thanks to his new ice powers.


Braptor is the self proclamed "Bat King" of all bats on Chima, though that is only in his own belifes. Braptor desires to rule all of Chima with his fellow bats as the new ruling class, though he lacks the man power and resources to achive his goal, thus he is instead a small time thief and spy, trying to achive greatness with the small forces that he has by gaining favors with the more powerful groups in Chima, like ither the crocs or the lions. He hopes that in time he will get the resources he needs to achive his goal to rule Chima.


The anchient king of the original bear tribe, before the Illumination of his time lead to his and his tribe's demise. After having been re-awaken thanks to the power of the CHI, he hopes to now achive what he could not in his former life, take the role as leader from Sir Fangar and make himself the new eternal ruler of Chima.

A bear who belife in the aphorism of "might makes right", he thinks that only the strong shall rule over Chima, and (of course) he belives that he is the strongest. A true dictator at heart, he is feared by all of the other ressurected tribes that is (currently) under Sir Fangar's control.


Cruz is one of the high ranking Croc generals of the Crock army and he is also a croc who is well know for his deep seated hatred for the Lions. His hatred for them was caused after his long suffering in the lions prisons during the dark age of Chima, said time in jail was the cause of his scales to resive their blue miscoloration.

However his hatred for the Lions might lead to a new war with them, one with might destroy Chima, that is if he where to ever gain enough support from the rest of the Croc kingdom's villagers, which sadly shares his dislike for the Lions in some ways.


Rizzo is a raven who desiers to become the most powerful crime boss in Chima's history... a dream that many of the criminals of Raven town, finds to be to big for his skills.

Rizzo is considerd by many of his fellow criminals to be a joke of a criminal, his "skill" is basic pick pocketing, but even then he is not good at it. But the one skill that Rizzo do have his is skill with talking. He can talk for hours without boring anyone, and many Criminals finds this to be a great skill to use as a distraction for their own crime.

But Rizzo never lets go of his dream and thus he makes allot of mistakes, said mistakes is what lead to him lossing his Right leg and left eye. But Rizzo thinks little of these losses as he belives that they will just make him more "menacing" when he is a crime boss, but he will never admit that they get in the way of his criminal life.


Worriz is a mighty and powerful wolf, who will one day be the new alpha wolf leader of all the Wolf clans in Chima... Or that is what Worriz think he is, in truth, he is a bit of a coward, duo to the fact that he have made himself dependant on the other members of his Wolf Clan. This does not make him a popular member of their clan, even though he is the son of Wakz, the as of this time last alpha wolf leader.

Worriz is also know to be madly in love with Windra, the white alpha female of her own Wolf tribe. Worriz hopes to one day win her love by proving himself as a true alpha wolf, but as of now, his attempts have not really been that impresive to her.

Worriz is also the big brother of Wonald and is also Winzar's cousin.


More will be added in time.

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This is soooooo much better than what we got!

still working on this, just because there have been days since the last reply, does not mean that i have abandond this little project of mine