Legends Reborn (Bionicle Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard)

and yet another last minute entry.
ngl it looks very good.

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It’s official, thanks to your artwork, Iruini is now my new favorite Hagah XD


This entry needs to win just for this meme.


well, er…
i wouldn’t put it past a revenge-stricken iruini to go around kicking people.


And he can teleport, it’d basically be like Nightcrawler in X-Men 2!

Thank you so much for entering! Unfortunately, we’ve detected a small issue regarding adherence to the contest rules. We noticed Bomonga is missing a shield. As per the rules;

As noted in other entries with similar issues, you are allowed to place the shield on Bomonga’s back (like you’ve done with the others) or in his hand. It can even be partially “off-screen”. As long as there is an indication of him having one.

If you could please add Bomonga’s shield to your entry within the next seven days, it’ll be fully accepted and move on to the polls!


Thanks for the heads up, on it! Edit: am I allowed to make other minor corrections to things I’ve noticed/been informed of since I’ve uploaded to ensure higher accuracy?
And this is much less likely but I’m just going to ask anyway, are major overhauls in the lighting allowed, since basically everyone is being given more time?


As of right now, the rules do allow for post-submission changes to be made, though they must be cleared first:

4b. Once your entry has been officially entered and accepted, no further changes can be made without staff approval.

However, we don’t want to allow a free-for-all on changes for two reasons:

  • It could require a re-check of the entire entry
  • If someone is working on changes when we start the polls, it could be seen as unfair that their changes could not be made

In order to avoid these issues, we will be allowing non-required changes, with the condition that they must be approved beforehand.

If you would like to make minor changes, simply contact us with details of the changes that you would like to make. This way, we are aware that changes are being made so that we don’t start the polls prematurely, and we can tell you if any of your changes will break the rules before you take the time to make them.

TL;DR what exactly do you want to change?


Primarily, I was informed of issues with the colors on a few pieces of the characters that I’d like to fix so they match the models.

The more ambitious thing I’d like to do is completely change the coloring style to a more painterly look- linework and general colors would stay the same, but I’d like to have more depth and detail in the shading. I fully understand if this isn’t allowed, but I am absolutely certain I could do it within the previously allotted time if I am permitted. I’d also like to make sure the community is overall fine with this, which I am doing in the contest update topic


As for model-accurate colors, absolutely. Go for it.

As for the style/shading, it would be too drastic of a change. At this point in time it’s not something we’d want to encourage.

Thanks so much for checking!


Alright, thanks!


Somehow I didn’t notice the 3/3 split earlier, idk why.
Anyway as of now it looks pretty good. I like the style of it.


Thank you!

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Wait a 3/3 split?
Ok I’m voting for this now


Muahaha my evil plan to fill the 3/3 split niche is finally coming together!


If it’s 3/3…You don’t have to paint anything an outrageous colour like green or blue!


I like gold and silver 3/3 splits


You still have to paint Gaaki from silver to gold…

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Yes but i daresay good quality gold paint will be easier to come across than metallic pink or metallic green paint.


but blouks is nice :frowning: