Legends Unite


When Mata Nui defeated Makuta, peace was brought to Spherus Magna. But Antidermis cannot be killed. While Mata Nui lives on in the Ignika, Makuta now lives in the Olmak. The 6 remaining Rahkshi now guard the mask, waiting to carry out their master's plan. Makuta is not dead. He never was. His sons also live, and they will divide and conquer.

The Rahkshi's first target was Vulcanus. After enough lives were ended, Makuta got his prize. Tahu, clad in golden armour. Phase one of Makuta's plan was already complete. As the Olmak was put on Tahu's face, a black and red clad Dark Hunter watched. He knew what had to be done.

To be continued...

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the dark hunter had a huge rave party

Nice story. That's all I can say.

P.S. Can you guess why it's called Legends Unite? It has to do with Makuta's new inhabitance.

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I have been summoned to this topic for some reason.

Anyway... could the black and red Dark Hunter be Voporak? That'd make sense if Makuta was in the Mask of Time. I feel like he should've been in the Mask of Shadows, myself. I know, it was destroyed in Karda Nui, but you could always say it was indestructible or something.

Anyways, great work, looking forward to more.BBBB55

  1. The Dark Hunter's a new character
  2. Makuta needed the Mask of Dimensional Gates for his plan
  3. Chapter 1 will come later today (hopefully)

Chapter 1: City of Heroes

Makuhero City's been in peace for a while now. Ever since Preston Stormer moved to Hero Recon Team and William Furno took over as Alpha Team leader, absolutely no crimes have occured here. "There's definetly something fishy about this," Mark Surge typed into his Hero Blog. "So many mysterious villains, ring leading everything, and they just vanish. And Von Nebula's staff is nowhere to be seen." The new leader of Alpha Team walked past Surge and silently crept into Villain Storage. The Barraki warlord deactivated his disguise, as he stood face to face with William Furno, behind bars. "Like the suit?" asked Takadox. "It's using your own tech. And to think, while you're all still recovering from the "Breakout," some old man just wandered in here." Furno, barely surviving, said "We... We will st... Stop you..." "Well," said Takadox, going over to the cages of Toxic Reapa and Nitroblast. "How about stopping me with these clowns by my side?" The Barraki simply touched the cages, and the laser bars went down, freeing the criminals.

I like how it's in small chunks.

Chaper 2: The Lost Soul

Metru Nui.
City of Legends.
Now inside a destroyed robot's head.
But in the very heart of the city, underneath the Collieseum, there's a soul. Floating. He's been there ever since Makuta took Mata Nui's body. It's hard to believe that it's been two years since then.

Are you sure about this?

The soul opens his eyes.

He's learned to much.

Slowly, his past came to him.

He'll only remember-

"Where- am I?"

Who are you?

"I... Am Jakami... Toa... Of Gra... Gravity."

The Toa slowly walked out of the Colisseum. He saw the dilapidated city under a rock ceiling, with a wall that had a gaping hole in it.

"Light. Follow the light."

Jakami slowly crept out of the Great Spirit Robot's head.

Chapter 3: If we Fail

"Makuta's been ruling Bara Magna for 2 years now. If we ever need a reminder of that, just look at the enormous robot in the distance." Zoro looked around at his brothers and sisters. Stix, Toa of Lightning. Ryvan, Toa of the Green. Blitz, Toa of Earth. Hafu, Po Matoran Carver. Macku, Ga Matoran boater. Rannu, Agori leader. "But pretty soon, we won't have that reminder. So here's the plan. Stix and I will go to New Le Koro and get some air support. Blitz and Ryvan will dig a tunnel to the robot's foot. Once we're both finished, Hafu, Rannu, and Macku will get on a boat and distract the robot." "Question" said Stix. "What do you mean 'air support'?" Zoro smirked. "You'll see."

Chapter 4: My Lord Returns

The 6 Rahkshi and Tahu beamed down to the center of Makuhero City. They placed his unconcious body on the ground and carried the Olmak to Assembly Tower. Finally, the Makuta of Metru Nui was risen. The Rahkshi carefully built a titan body for their lord. Makuta came into the body and spoke for the first time in years.

"The masks. Bring them to me."

The Rahkshi used the Olmak to beam back to Spherus Magna. Now, they had to bring Makuta the one thing that makes him whole: the Mask of Shadows.

Tahu awoke and found himself behind laser bars. All around him, he heard screams of pain. "LET US OUT! PLEASE!" Losing his conscience, Tahu saw a green figure walk up to him. "Please," he weakly said. "Inform me if where I am. "Not before you tell us who or what you are," the figure stated. "I am Tahu, Toa of Fire of Vulcanus," he stated. "I am Breez," she said. "Alpha Team Intelligence Officer."

@Willess12 What do yah think?

Oh. Well, you've certainly made progress. I feel like it's rather fast-paced, but interesting. Also, Chapter 3 needs paragraph breaks (I'm assuming that's an error, since the other chapters have them).

Anyway, that aside, nice build-up so far. Only thing I'd recommend is some depth to it. And not to switch around so fast, it can get confusing.

Chapter 5: Time of Peace

Takanuva watched as Jakami limped out of the Great Spirit Robot's head, barely lifting his hammer. The Toa of Light ran over to help him. "There he is," said a black and red clad Dark Hunter. "Simple. Kill the Toa. I wish, at least. Shadowed One wants to torture him, so he's gotta be alive."

"There now. Easy does it," Takanuva consulted the strange Toa. "Now, uh, who are you?" "Memories," Jakami said. "Slowly coming back."

There was a small island off the coast of Mata Nui. It was called Ba Koro. Matoran lived peacefully there. But everything changed. When the Visorak attacked. Jakami ran up to his Turaga. "Turaga Voltriax! Are you well?" "No," Voltriax said. He handed Jakami a Toa stone. "Take this to Metru Nui, and follow the light..." Jakami made his way to the Colliseum and placed his Toa stone in the Suva. As he transformed, he began to lose his conscience...

Chapter 6: The Test

"Now," said Breeze. "Let's have a little test."

Tahu followed Breeze into a room that resembled an arena. Suddenly, a voice boomed in.


Bulk picked up a piece of machinery and chucked at Tahu. The Toa of Fire activated his Kanohi Hau, creating a shield that knocked the machinery back at the silver clad hero. He then lunged at Bulk, and began to melt his armour with his hand. The hero put his blaster up to Tahu's chest and fired, knocking the Toa back a few feet. Tahu then shot a blast of fire at Bulk, causing his armour to burst into flames.

"Okay, that's enough." said Breeze.

Chapter 7: Icarax

The Rahkshi journeyed through the ancient body of Mata Nui until they faced it's heart: Karda Nui. They hovered over the swamp water and into the dilapidated Codrex. The masks and armour of long dead Av Matoran laid on the floor, soulless. A few dead Krana laid alongside them. Their souls seemed to be crying out. There was a faint whisper.

Help... Me...

Finally, the Rahkshi found the dead body of Makuta Icarax, wearing the Mask of Shadows.

I'm... Here...


Icarax rose.

"Where am I?"

The Rahkshi got into their stances.

"Teridax sent you."

Icarax lunged at Lerahk and ripped out his Kraata.

My sons.

The Rahkshi of Fear and Shattering stabbed their staffs into Icarax's back. The Makuta grabbed the Rahkshi and threw them out into the swamp below. As he watched them fall, the remaining three Rahkshi held their staffs up to Icarax's back. Icarax took Gahrak's staff and stabbed him in the chest with it. As Gahrak recovered, he combined with his fellow Rahkshi and formed a Rahkshi Kaita. The monster grabbed Icarax and threw him into the Codrex wall. The Makuta slammed his fist into the wall, causing it to crumble. Part of the ceiling fell down on the Rahkshi Kaita, as Icarax flew off.

Chapter 8: Flames of Darkness

I've been a Dark Hunter for years.

He aimed his blaster at the Toa of Light and of Gravity.

I was hopeless.

He waited.

He took me in.

The mask glistened in the sun.

He treated me like dirt, gave me nothing but a name.

He fired.


Takanuva was hit by a fireball, knocking his mask off. Flame jumped down and grabbed the mask. "I don't need you," he said to Jakami. "I've got the mask. So run along now!" Jakami lifted up his hammer and prepared to fight. "Oh, I see." said Flame. "You're feeling rather fiesty!" "No," said Jakami. "I'm actually feeling quite hungry." "Is that sarcasm?" "Indeed."

Jakami charged at the Dark Hunter with his Gravity Hammer, causing Flame to float up into the air. The red and black clad figure became shrouded in a sheild of fire and charged at Jakami, knocking him back.

"Yes," said Flame. "Fight, little rascal. I've got you beat in every way possible." Jakami shot at Flame, but he dodged every blast. The Toa carefully manipulated Gravity to make the stone underneath Flame rocket up into the air. "Well," said Flame. "almost every way."

Chapter 9: Creep from the Deep

As Breez took Bulk to the Assembly Tower, Tahu explored Hero Factory HQ. He was taken back by the technology on a higher level than even Metru Nui! Surge, not looking away from his PC, acknolwedged Tahu. "Like the place?" he asked. "Cause you might be living here for a bit." "Why exactly?" asked Tahu. Surge looked up. "Cause we think you might be alien."

Takadox, Nitroblast, and Toxic Reapa walked around Villain Storage. I wonder.. thought Nitroblast. ..If Von Nebula's still kicking around in his staff...

A shreik ran through HQ. Lights went out. No one knew it, but war had begun.

Two of Makuta's Rahkshi tore out Breez's core and brought it to their master. "Interesting..." he said. "Quaza is the perfect substance. All tests are complete. All I need to begin phase two is my mask..."

Chapter 10: Last of the Brotherhood

Icarax beamed into Assembly Tower, only to be greeted by a hoard of Rahkshi. Suddenly, a loud voice boomed through the speakers.


"The energy storm," said Icarax, "drew my atoms to the center- the Codrex. I absorbed the storm, and fell into an endless sleep. But, Teridax, your sons woke me. And for that, I thank you."

Alright then.

Two claws lowered and grabbed Icarax by the arms.

Now, I will slowly remove the Kraakhan. Try not to move.

Icarax released a Shadow Hand, smacking away the claws. A Rahkshi ran up to him and jabbed its spear into his stomach.

A battle was waged.

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Chapter 11: Colliseum

Zoro and Stix smiled on a Gukko towards the head of the Great Spirit Robot.

Zoro began to lose control of the Gukko Bird. His Toa of Lightning sister snapped at him. "Are you trying to get us KILLED?" "Give me a break, I'm no Gukko-brain." The Gukko zipped upwards and into the robot's mouth. Zoro and Stix landed in a ruined Colliseum. Stix used her mask of sense. "Quiet," she said. "someone's watching."

The Rahi Nui lunged at Zoro. He used his Hau just in time to shield himself. The monster charged over to Stix, and prepared to chomp. She jumped, and landed on top of it. She then stabbed her staff into the creature's back, causing it to howl in pain. The Rahi Nui reached for Zoro with it's claw and stopped moving.

Chapter 12: Matoro

Tahu and Surge darted toward Assembly Tower, only to be greeted by Takadox leading a hoard of villains with Von Nebula's Black Hole Staff. "Well," said Takadox, "look how the tides have changed, Toa." Tahu got into a stance. "One minute, you're the leader of the Toa Nuva. The 'Golden Armour Bearer'. But that's all gone now." Tahu questioned the warlord. "How did you get here?" Takadox smirked. "Same way as you. Just a year ago, Makuta enlisted me." Tahu flinched. "He sent me to this realm to 'blend in'. So naturally, I became their leader. I got a disguise that only Heroes can see me in. You see right through it." Takadox put a blade up to Tahu's neck. "And you ruin it."

Icarax fought through swarm after swarm of Rahkshi, until eventually, the voice came back.

"Hold on Brother. Your atoms were attracted to the energy storm from all across the universe, correct?"


"That means-"


Inside the leg of the Mata Nui Robot, a body rose in the remains of Mahri Nui. It searched desperately for it's mask. Eventually, he remembered who he was.


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Chapter 13: The Federation

Flame, being shot up into the sky, blasted away to New Xia. When he arrived, he met face to face with his master. "So," said Flame's master, "you have It?" "Indeed," Flame responded, "but where's your end of the bargain, master?" "You will recieve it soon... But first, one more task." "What is it?" The master stepped out of the shadows, revealing the head of the Visorak King on a poorly made robotic body. He held out the Vahi. "Unite... The... Federation... of... Fear..." Flame took the Vahi and beamed away with it.

He arrived at Metru Nui, mere days after the Great Rescue. He stood face to face with the Visorak Queen. "I believe," he said, "I owe you a ride." Roodaka smiled. "I thought you'd never come back."

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Chapter 14: Showdown

Zoro and Stix met with Blitz and Ryvan in Karda Nui. "So," asked Ryvan, "where're the Matoran?" Zoro looked gloomy. "They're probably on their way." A laugh ran through the Codrex, silencing them. A ghastly voice followed, saying: "Foolish Toa. You dare underestimate my power?!"

Makuhero City

"Toxic Reapa!" shouted Takadox, "Activate the staff!" The green clad villain gripped Von Nebula's Black Hole Staff, and, with all his might, slammed it on the ground, shattering it. A with a black hole, a dark figure grew from the staff. Nitroblast touched it, and he was instantly disintegrated.

Assembly Tower

Tahu and Surge fled to Assembly Tower, only to find the corpses of Breeze and Bulk laying in the battle field of two warring brothers. One by one, the Rahkshi piled on to Icarax, only to be pushed back, one by one. Finally, a dark figure came down from the tower. Magnetizing his sons to him, Makuta became a gigantic beast composed of Rahkshi armour.

Remains of Mahri Nui

Matoro struggled to walk. You lose something after being dead for two years, he thought. Memories slowly flooded back to him.

"Something has to be done." he said to Jaller. Matoro placed the Ignika on his face. He... He... died.

Great Spirit Robot, Alternate Universe

"Whoever you are, show yourself!" demanded Ryvan. "Oh, if only you'd wait..." the voice whispered. A blinding light shone through the wall of the robot. "Now, you see everything..."

Assembly Tower

Makuta crushed Icarax, and took the Mask of Shadows. Tahu and Surge watched in disbelief. The Makuta of Metru Nui, reborn! He absorbed the mask into his chest, turning him black and red, pulsing with shadow energy. He burst out of the tower. A black hole appeared above him, with Von Nebula himself emerging from it.

Factory Halls

Takadox ran through the halls. My work, he thought, is finally done. Flame and Roodaka appeared before him. "Not so fast," he said, "we're bringing back the Federation of Fear."

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