Lego 75117 Kylo Ren SpeedBuilld

As promised, a speedbuild animation for Kylo Ren. It is a tad shorter than Phasma's because I didn't play around as much as I did with her's


really cool! Love the stop-motion :smile:

the ending camera stab was great

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thanks dudes. :smile:

For some reason, whatever I animate likes to attack my camera. I wish they'd stop that, that thing is expensive....

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Very smoothly done and fun to watch

Nice speedbuild, only thing i would suggest that could be improved on is the lighting. Having natural light causes flickers which can be a bit distracting when watching the speed build. Would probably try experimenting with a non-natural light source. There may also be a frame here or there which interrupts the flow, though other than that the build is fairly smooth. Good video overall :smile: