LEGO at NYCC 2015 Discussion

Same jist as last year, only I broadened the subject to all of LEGO and not just Bionicle. Title pretty much says it all. What do you think we’ll get to see from the big, big comic-con event just a few days away now? Perhaps there will be some Bionicle news, maybe the sets at best, but maybe not a giant display like last year. There’s bound to be some stuff on Star Wars, and probably a bunch of new sets for 2016 across the board. Discuss away!


Not sure how necessary a speculation topic is when NYCC is in 2 days, we might as well just wait and see…

Hopefully they’ll have a tease of some of the 2016 sets, including the reveal of the Nexo Knights sets. I’d expect something Ninjago and Bionicle related, probably an announcement that the Ninjago movie will be out in late 2016.

Other than that, happy just to wait to see/hear what happens.


In light of this picture posted on Lego’s Twitter I suspect it to feature Nexo Knighs (Note the blue and yellow futuristic detailing on the right panel.) And also Dr. Who.
I’m pretty sure the sets will be shown, but I hope we get some series information.


I’m really excited for their Nexo Knights announcement. I still have no idea what the plot is.

I cant answer the TTV specific ones but I would like to add my input:

  • Something Sci-fi. The display clearly has a dark blue and haxagonal pattern to it aswell as a burst of greenish, pixelated light. Most likely Nexo knights as no one was supposed to know about it just yet.
  • Seeing as Bionicle probably wont be there or wont have alot of importance, a exclusive mask is unlikely. A Nexo sword/shield or War doctor or whatever seems more likely.

From, here’s an article on the major LEGO panels at the Con.