Lego Bionicle Karzahni, With Whip function

Hello everyone, I know it has been forever since I’ve been here. But just as a reminder I am still doing indepth research in regards to scientific analysis of bionicle. Anyways This Figure has great range of articulation and can swing his whip in a realistic manner via either a lever in the back or a motor. But be warned, you must be 16 or older if you want to replicate something like this because you might get hit in the eye. If you want to check out the function just be sure to check the video down below.
Karzahni Slideshow & function demo


Maybe just add a bit more lime or paint the mask and this’ll be perfect!

Chest pokes out quite a bit it’s not female, right?

I always loved Kharzani MOC, this looks incredible, but yeah,the mask should be dark green

The mask stands out too much and not in a good way