Lego Caption Contest!

Hello! Welcome to the contest that I am hosting! Because everyone’s doing that these days. This contest will be for adding funny captions to these three images. I’ll be judging them after the due date. Here are the images:


  1. No cursing, inappropriate content, etc.
  2. Please submit them via PM. I will not accept entries in this topic or any others.
  3. You may submit entries for all three pictures, however only one entry per person will be chosen to place.
  4. Captions must be added to the image itself, not typed next to it.
  5. Speech bubbles are allowed.

The contest will go until the 17th.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.


In regards to the 2nd image:

“Can it be? The cure for Lime Green pieces!?”

Is the prize your love?


You’ll see. :wink:


So, uh…

It’s now way past the 17th…