Lego City Mafia II: Blacktron Boogaloo

The Blacktron Invasion has begun in Lego City! The screams and terror of minifigures across the grand city has forced the Space Police to fight off these invaders. Many of the minifigures have been forced to become freedom fighters, improvising weapons and using bricks to fight their these invaders.
The Blacktron leader, Space Villain, is bent on turning Lego City into a base of operations to finally strike against the Space Police, the galaxy’s most trusted guardians who uphold peace and justice. Under Space Villain’s command, the Blacktron seek to annihilate any of their enemies no matter the cost.

-@Holi: First Order Snowtrooper -Dead
-@Omega_Tahu: M Tron Spaceman -Dead
-@Zero: Green Insect Defense Unit Trooper
-@Jakanader: BIG Bob
-@Whaddon: Johnny Thunder -Dead
-@TheMOCingBird: Nesquik Bunny
-@Leoxander: Biff Barker - ded
-@Tuaro: Lloyd Garmadon - ded
-@Jayzor17 Hikaru (Exo-Force) - Dead
-@Hawkflight: Lego Agent Fuse
-@AwesomeJoel27: Blonde Ice Planet Guy - Dead
-@willess12 Galidor Fan - ded
-@ghid Lego C-3PO - ded
-@TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika Rex - Ded

Voting shall end at 7:00 PM Pacific Time!


Excuse me, it’s 14K Gold Lego C-3PO

For offending my majesty I should just join the mafia to bump you off :triumph:

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Night One:
Lego Space Daddy was already in prison as he decided to defy the authorities once again. It truly was not a good night for him. As the prison guards did their inspections this night, everyone was correctly in their cells… Except for Space Daddy.
Space Daddy managed to escape prison! He made a run for it from the Lego City jail. He knew the police were too distracted from the Blacktron Invasion. Yet he would soon realize the jail was probably the safest place he could have been.
@LegoDavid, Space Daddy, was killed by the Blacktron. Looking upon his body, it was found that he had two laser holes blasted into his body, but coming from what direction we are unsure.

Three suspects were found that night, all carrying laser guns.
@Willess12, the Galidor Fan who was found in a house nearby where he was cleaning his Galidor collection.
@Jayzor17, also known as Hikaru, claimed he was fighting evil robots in the field nearby.
@Whaddon, also known as Johnny Thunder, was nearby looking for some nearby treasure. There was indeed a tomb in the field, for some odd reason.




You do know this isn’t an RPG right?


I kind of didn’t

Well, time to analyze the suspects and what killed them.

This is important I suppose.

I’m not too knowledgable about Galidor, but I do believe it was a Space Theme and I do believe it had laser weapons.

Hikaru is from Exo Force, which definitely had lasers, but those lasers are attached to giant mecha and are likely so powerful they’d just obliterate a minifig.

I don’t know enough about Johnny Thunder and the Adventurer (?) theme. Were there lasers?

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@Chronicler if people tie will it be a double kill?


I mean, if we kill everyone then there’s no way the Mafia survive

But that’s a bad idea don’t do it

@Chronicler can multiple mafia be contrail at once, like Omega_Tahus game?


That’s for you guys to find out. :wink:

Also voting ends at 7:00 Pacific Time tonight.

:unamused: thaaaanks. so helpful./s
And @Omega_Tahu, there were hand held laser weapons in Exo-Force, but that doesn’t even matter because [quote=“Chronicler, post:3, topic:49131”]
Three suspects were found that night, all carrying laser guns.

they all had one.

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A laser weapon would seem t point at Jazor or me, but what if it was intentionally used to throw us off? And since the guy using it wasn’t silled with it, I took him a few shots to hit the target. Hence why he had two holes in him.
I vote for Whaddon

Willess12: 0
Jayzor: 0
Whaddon: 1 Willess


honestly, if I was a DM, I’d say the same thing. The less you guys know, the more interesting it gets.


I’d say jayzor seems likely

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  1. Galidor is evil
  2. Who’s need a gun for their Galidor collection (unless they were sane) XD
    /s, partly but I still think it’s willes
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Willess has no motive whatsoever, he’s just a simple man with a collection of Galidor toys, he just loves to glinch em.

Jayzor seems the most likely, as he would have access to a laser blaster instantly, he could’ve blind fired to make it seem like he was knocked back by an evil robot

I understand why I could be the killer, as I adventured a lot and might keep a gun with me, but if I was searching for treasure, I wouldn’t have a huge reason to shoot someone out of the blue like that.

overall. I shall be voting for Jayzor

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But Willess was cleaning a Galidor collection, why would he be carrying a gun?

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Maybe I was worried about the evil robots in the area?

Willess12: 1 Ghid
Jayzor: 1 Whaddon
Whaddon: 1 Willess

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There really doesn’t seem like much to go off of here, the only things I could think of is if Jayzor was firing at the robots and missed, or if the tomb in whaddon’s story was a grave he dug to burry David. And @TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika Willess was in his house, so it would make sense if he had a gun in his house, it doesn’t necessarily mean he was holding the gun while he was cleaning.