LEGO CITY Mafia - Sign Up!

I’d love to play but how is this going to work over the internet?

(Yes, I’m signing up by the way).

I’m in.

I’ll join.

You know what I think I’ll do this thing again

I haven’t done one of these yet. You know what, I’ll join

what the heck i’ll join
cronk can i be this

If anyone has any confusion as to how Mafia games work, I’d suggest checking out some of our past games, like Okoto Mafia, Hero Factory Mafia, Corporate Mafia, and Kitten Mafia. You can also check out our Mafia discussion topic over in Forgotten Grotto.


I’d like to join!

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Yo yo Papa rahkshi man in da house!

im in by the way

Description: Space invaders have feelings too.

I suppose that makes sense.

Interesting choice.

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i get dibs on lego gonkman

If there’s still space I’ll join.

even though I don’t quite know how to play it over the internet…

I’ll go research past Mafia games…s

Also, are we supposed to choose a minifigures for ourselves? If so, I’ll be Gilbert the Bad: Knights’ Kingdom I - Gilbert the Bad

Ok the list is updated.

I just need 3 more unlucky players to join.


I’ll join, but I’m unsure which minifig to be

I’ll pick it for you.

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TFW Plural’s your mom


And ranaki is now your dad.


Mama Plurbolini cook you good pisza me boy Peppar!

Yommi yommi in ya tommy!


I’m here.
Sign me up.
Solomon Blaze

Or older version, I don’t have a preference.

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Ok guys I just need 1 more entry!


Eh, I’ll join.