LEGO City/Town Topic

LEGO Town; An Evergreen Theme that has gone by many names. From your Paradisa's to the Arctic Miners, this theme has had a variety of subthemes, something that most forget nowadays.

Most Casual Fans usually state City is nothing but the same group of sets over and over again, only releasing Cops and Robbers and Firefighters. I would personally state the opposite, with us receiving a new and interesting line every year. The sets even get better, receiving more and more details that were left out in the previous version. Are all the sets good? No, but they're not all that bad.

What's your opinion on the Theme? What's your favorite Subtheme? Any Paradisa Lovers?


I swear lego city commercials are just people having 1st world problems.
that or I find a broken airplane a 1st world problem.


Ah yes, Town. The theme that pops into most people's heads when they hear "LEGO". I grew up with City Center (late 90s town) and it sucked hard. First town set I got was Super Cycle Center, it was cute but extremely easy to build. The Res-Q subtheme was much more appealing. :sunglasses:

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My Condolences. That theme was pretty Terribad. :grimacing:

Right, but there were so many other good 90s themes I just sort of gravitated toward them instead. Then Jack Stone came out, and it was even worse than City Center.

Here are some of my Personal Favorite Sets from the Recent Batch of 2016 Set Picutres from City:

My Gosh, this set is Beautiful. :cry:

This one is too. :cry:

As for this one. :cry:

And this one. :cry:

I give up. LEGO, take all of my money. :cry:

You can see all of these great, new sets on

LEGO Town was one of if not the first themes Lego has ever made, by far being one of the most popular, sure it’s had its ups and downs

Now, before we get into the way too over done ‘too much police’ discussion, there have been 115 police sets out of 635 sets! That’s not even an eighth of all of them!

Anyway, City!

To be fair I think World City has been the best iteration of City we have gotten so far.

Yes, but that still seems like a lot to me.

To be honest, they all had a ton of police sets

I checked it, the percentage of police sets is relatively the same in WC as regular City

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yeah because that’s closer to 1/6. Just saying.