Lego Connected Universe Theory

Since school ended, I have been very bored. Until I started thinking; what if all of the themes in the Lego Universe are connected?

DISCLAIMER: This theory only includes the Original Lego IPs, and no Licensed Themes. As such, this theory disregards the Multiverse idea proposed in The Lego Movie and Lego Dimensions. Also, if you believe I missed a specific theme (please don’t add subthemes, as those are covered under the main theme) then do not hesitate to tell me. So, read on!

Here is my theory. (If it shows you can edit it, please don’t.)

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Me too

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Okay, hopefully it will work now.[quote=“DannyBoyy, post:5, topic:36565, full:true”]
It’s really good, but kinda creepy.

What makes you say that? :wink:

It’s really good, but kinda creepy.

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It’s fairly similar to my theory, but seems a lot less detailed that I would have expected.

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An extremely interesting theory. The whole concept of the great beings doing just that makes more sense than anything. (Not to mention that it totally meshes with something that a friend and I have created. Something the Great Beings make after BIONICLE.)
Really cool theory, I hope you go in depth with it even more.

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Reminds me of the Pixar theory. I’d personally place some parts of the timeline in different places, and probably separate Bionicle, but your idea seems solid enough.

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but…how does nexo knights fit into this an alternate timeline or does it go into the ninjago catagory for relms

Oh, yes, I forgot Nexo Knights.

Yeah, they kind of exist the same way as Ninjago, they just migrated with much more technology.

That was my main influence, actually.

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