LEGO Diorama: SSJ Goku vs Vegeta

As the title suggests, a diorama of SSJ Son Goku beating up Vegeta!

This is my first serious (Not writing or a joke) non-Star Wars system MOC, so criticism is very welcome! The figures are from the DECOOL line of bootleg DBZ minifigures, and before my limbs are gnawed off by angry purists, they are very, very good, the only thing which easily distinguishes them is a different leg connection. So without further ado, the MOC:

Another Angle:

Obligatory Aerial Shot:

Over-the-Shoulder Shot of Vegeta:

Focussed on Goku:

So what do you think?


Well I don't know much about Dragon Ball, so I'll say it looks pretty great. :smile:


Not sure how accurate this is as only familiar with some of DBZ abridged - however what i would suggest is possibly adding more action to this diorama.

At the moment you have Goku hovering/flying and it gives the impression of motion, but Vegeta is just laying their defeated looking. Its probably accurate to a scene as mentioned, but I'd personally like to see you attempt to have a diorama of them fighting in action poses. Whether its adapting the current version or simply making a few new diorama's for DBZ.



Apart from either Vegeta not being SSJ or Goku not being base, it is accurate to either their fight on earth pre-Freeza, or one of their various conflicts afterwards. Until a second series of Decool figures, that's about the best I can do for canon conflicts.

Challenge Accepted

This is why youtube exists.

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it looks alright

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Love the design of the landscape! Though I've never watched DBZ, it's still looks cool.


Never seen Dragonball, but I'd say it looks nice.

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@JMP @Stoax @SammySpartan

Thanks guys!

I would of loved to see a Kamehameha made of lego but that's to ambitious


I'm, fiddling around with some ideas, but I'm currently having some issues. It will be coming however...


That's cool


That's a nice crater. Can't really comment on anything else, because I'm not familiar with the series.


I don't know what to think :worried:

This is system :frowning:

I can't judge system! :anguished:

This is a really good diorama, very creative!

Here's a fake doughnut :doughnut: