LEGO Golden Masks stands instructions (made in LDD)

Hi, guys
I wanted to show you my concept of how masks stands for Golden Masks can be actually built. It’s not perfect representation of “official” version, but I think it can do the job pretty well. I’m actually thinking about adding some rotating function, but for now it’s fully still. And here are instructions (in HTML version from LDD):

Download Building Instructions [MaskStand].rar


I’m counting on your feedback :slight_smile:


Nice design. Not entirely accurate but nice and function able

That’s good. Though, I am not a fan of mask holder in particular, as it has not enough friction, the overall design is nice.

In terms of design I like it. Though in terms of functionality having the mask stand from Grinder’s set, I know it doesn’t actually hold the masks well. Any chance you could find a better stand design? :3

I’m actually searching for any substitutes of this design, or at least some improvements. If I find any, I’ll show it with rotating function (I hope so :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Ok, I have something. This mask holder works pretty well, but there’s no empty-eyed effect, like at previous one. But yeah, that’s still an option. I’ll try to find better one, and it will definitely be with rotating function.

Download Building Instructions [MaskStandv2].rar


how DARE you make it a .rar MAKE IT A .ZIP!!!

I feel like I need to go through every single one of your posts and count how many exclamation marks you have used. It’s got to be in the hundreds by now.

Anyway, the mask holder itself is pretty simple but I do like what you’ve done with the stand. Not entirely accurate, but it feels good.


Pretty cool. I’d make it if only I had the peices :frowning:

Ok, there it is. I decided to go along with Grinder holder design and adding differend variations of it later. Now it’s final version with rotating system. There are 3 additional friction gears, because I have no chance to check it with bricks and try proper friction. Additonally, you can put Pin Connector 1L on 3M Connector Pegs (there are none, 'cause I can’t find’em in LDD, maybe they’re not there) :scream:

Download Building Instructions [MaskStandv3].rar


You can use the stand in mask maker vs skull grinder

That is pretty awesome.

In the Bionicle display at my local Walmart they use this piece to balance the mask on.


I can’t open it, it’s a .rar

Try downloading WinRAR, it can help.
Unless you have other OS than Win. If so, tell me and I’ll send other type of archive on server :slight_smile:

I’m on mac, not windows.

So here you have it, with special dedication :stuck_out_tongue:

Download Building Instructions [MaskStandv3].zip

thank you.

no problem