Lego Sets Delayed?

Recently, a lot of Lego sets from DC, Hidden Side, Ninjago, Star Wars, and others were said to be coming out on August 1 this year. The official Lego website even said so. But now it’s been changed to “coming soon.” This could indicate that the sets are delayed because the current pandemic has caused some problems in the process of releasing these sets. But what I’m wondering is, when will these sets actually release? Will they come out in September, or October, or even later? A good deal of the sets that are “coming soon” look really cool to me, and I’m really hoping to get my hands on them. But when will they be available?

I’d say those sets are delayed until September or maybe even December. It probably depends on how the pandemic declines or grows.

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I do hope they come out sooner rather than later. I’ve heard that some of the sets for Hidden Side and Ninjago are available in some other parts of the world, but they go on Ebay for two or three times their retail price. No way I’m shelling out that money.

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If the Mario sets get delayed too, I may lose my sanity

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For the record, I was at my local Target the other evening, and I saw the new Avengers sets and Iron Man bust there.

Looks like they will release September still but honestly things could change really quickly.

On the bright side (for me at least) I can buy the sets that I have on my wanted list now without having the regret of skipping on them later.