Lego trolls. REALLY?

Okay, i about screamed at my screen when I saw this picture, not because it’s licensed, but,


Okay guys, calm down. I didn’t mean for this to become a bash fest. I merely meant to start a discussion. The Screaming at my screen bit was just my reaction.

@Spiderus_Prime Sorry if I was causing problems. I didn’t mean to for this to turn into what it did.


I know. It’s bad. It’s horrible. Even the movie looks bad! Look at this trailer!I was like… YUCK! Why did they even think of doing this??? I hate this!

Touch this if you are brave enough.

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I didn’t even see the first movie. I wasn’t that brave, and none of my family wanted to see it.

At least they didn’t try to make them look like the original troll dolls. That would have been creepy.


Not only that, there will also be LEGO Minions coming up in 2020.
Seriously, did anyone ever ask for those themes?

I actually did a short video on this some time ago:

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Okay, I saw the first movie and, while it was kinda entertaining, it wasn’t anywhere near any top favorites lists for me.

My initial mental reaction to this picture was basically Jean Luc Picard(?)'s facepalm thinking Oh, Lego, why are you doing this?

The second response is me remembering that Lego is a business and this shows they feel that making stuff for the second Trolls movie will make them a decent amount of money.

That’s pretty much my reaction.

An anguished WHY!!

Then remembering that LEGO is a business.

I feel like they now only care about the money, not about the quality of their toys.

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Hey LEGO, If your only going to do licensed themes, give us something we actually ask for.

(like more Doctor Who already, Geez!)

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We haven’t even seen the sets yet.

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Seeing the Angry Birds movie sets…Yeah.

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Those were decent, but there’s nothing concrete to suggest the quality of these sets.

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Most people

Me & you guys

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I can’t agree more

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good point. Don’t knock something till you try it. Unless you can learn from others experience.


That’s it.They didn’t learn from the Angry birds movie, which was a total failure. Lego is becoming extended advertising.

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If you don’t like the sets, then don’t buy them. It’s not like you’re obligated to purchase each and every set that they produce


Exactly! The sets were always on clearance and nobody was buying them. I don’t see how it’s going to be any different with Trolls and Minions.

That’s not quite what I meant. I meant don’t knock say, skydiving for example, until you try it, or someone who has gives you enough info to form an opinion.

Yeah, but the sets still sold horribly.