Lego Uni-Craft

Did you play the game Lego Universe, or regret not playing it? Do you have Minecraft? If you answered yes, then I've got just the server for you!

Sorry for the infomercial intro there, but yeah. What this project is, is basically, me and a few friends are building all the worlds from Lego Universe in Minecraft. Our main attraction is the resource pack though, which I will provide a link for at the end of this, along with an IP for the server. Oh, and please don't go around asking to help out, our owner is a bit strict on the "asking for staff positions" rule. The owner (HunterBlackbrick) also makes Bionicle skins on his PlanetMinecraft profile.

Main Pack:
Server Page:
Owner's PMC Page:

If you use Optifine, the pack will not work.
We are not responsible for any game crashes that come from using Optifine with this pack.
MCPatcher makes the pack much better.
You may not under any circumstances modify this pack and repost it to someone else.
THE WORLDS ARE WORK IN PROGRESS. Many people log on expecting finished worlds. We only have two complete. Don't log on expecting finished worlds please.


I loved LU. My first MMO stuck_out_tongue . I joined a little late, though, and it was so sad when it got cancelled frowning