legofan3225's Self-Moc V1 (Stay tuned for updates!)


(Backstory and similar info coming soon)

I started on this project almost a month ago, and kinda just sat with a torso for a while. Yesterday, I posted a WIP, got some feedback, edited, and finally caught some inspiration for limbs, and weapons.

So… sooner than I had expected, it is done. At last, I have something of an avatar for the boards! WOOOO!!

This is acutally my first custom-build moc, that doesn’t just use an expanded Inika build. Given that, I’m generally happy with how it turned out, despite some flaws.

I plan to continue to improve and work on it, as some things are still a bit wibbly-wobbly (ex: the upper legs and ice-shoulder thingies), and depending on community feedback hopefully make this the best it can be.

Also, thanks to Stormer 2.0 for his sacrifice to the greater good. R.I.P. :stuck_out_tongue:

Version 1:

Thanks for viewing, guys! Please drop a comment on your impressions- I am always looking for ways to improve and feedback is much appreciated!



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Looks pretty neat, I particularly like the foot design as it looks like he’s wearing snow shoes, goes well with the whole ice theme.


Nice, although I’m a little against pure rubber band connections. Overall it’s a very nice MOC.

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Honestly, I am too, lol. That’s why I am not a fan of the legs right now.

However, the bands on the feet and arms aren’t necessary- they’re just there for added stability. The feet can splay open without them if you get friction on them, and the arms were a tad wobbly for my taste, so I added them there. I’m looking for a way to upgrade those legs though :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like the overall look it has, but it definitely needs a v2
It’s unrefined, there is texture clashing and those lower legs should be replaced with custom ones.

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I like how the spikes flare out! The torso looks a whole lot better, too! Looks really good!

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For curiosity’s sake, where do the textures clash? I am definitely making a V2 (there’s a lot to be improved on I think), and that info would be helpful before I start to build :smile:

@PakariNation99 Thanks!

Between the ccbs and a good portion of the g1 parts, the vahki legs especially.

I would use flatter parts for armor panels, with detail for joints and other places that are supposed to be flexible.

That’s just me though.

UPDATED! I added a shield and new weapon, as I was somewhat dissatisfied with just the daggers.

I also stabilized the ice spikes on the back (they don’t get knocked around easily anymore), and fixed the upper legs so it wasn’t a rubber band connection, which I hated.

You did pretty well with this MOC!

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