legomaster1378 Needs A New Logo/Intro!

Hey y’all! As several of you are undoubtebly aware of, I run a YouTube channel. I recently realized that the current logo is extremely outdated. If I want to make more dynamic and interesting videos, I’m gonna need something with a decent punch as an intro. So I now ask does anyone have suggestions for possible a possible new logo/intro? And would anybody have both the know-how and generosity to give me a hand with making one?

Here you can see my current logo for reference:


Would you want an artistic version?

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How do you mean? I’m thinking of a major overhaul of the entire intro.


something along the lines of those very creative and cool intros other people have?


*raises hand

No but seriously, I’d be happy to help you. I think the main thing is to have something more dynamic than just a slow zoom on a picture with text over it. Maybe a flash of images, or even video. Also, would you want to keep the same intro music?

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Dudemanbro, I’d be stoked to make a new intro/logo for ya! :smiley:

For your logo what style would you be goin’ for? Flat, or skeuomorphic?

How long would you want your intro to be? (I’d recommend 3-5 seconds)


Yeah. I keep on coming back to things like Solid Brix’ logo:

Or something a fair bit simpler like my buddy 501st LEGO Trooper’s

The music is currently whatever music I use for the main video. However, I wouldn’t be against having a couple notes just for the logo.

Probably skeuomorphic. See my above examples to get sort of an idea of what I’ve got in mind.


I’d be willing to help maybe next week.

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Have a high quality image of the intro pic without the title?