Leoxandar's MOC topic

So, I guess it would be best to make one of these, as I'm going to be building a lot.

First up, my G2 Bionicle self-MOC (because the small guys are fun stuck_out_tongue )


Obligatory back shot...

Arxtann giving his alternate counterpart some good advice.

Tell me what you think! I'll dump more creations here soon.


Wait I just realized something. flip the Head (So the top is the front) and the new mask will look like the kualsi (is that right,Also you could give him the PoS' mask to replicate the gold)

If I had the POS mask, it would clash like crazy with the color scheme stuck_out_tongue

Unless you added more Dark orange (Although the green would still stick out) if you did do that the easiest and best way to add more of it would be to try and replace the Neon trans-orange with Dark orange. Although that's a lot of work just too make the mask more accurate so really all I just said is kinda pointless...

Dem are some skinny thighs


nobody cares if it's not bulky enough

Anyway, the MOC itself looks very Protectorish, and that's a good thing.

Also that last picture looks more like Arxtann is about to kill Arktun than giving him advice.


In this case I'd agree with him
Not saying it's bad, but he's definitely right, they are undeniably thin


I would've thickened them with tires, but I have never done that and Not sure I will :stuck_out_tongue:

But anywho, not sure if this fits here or in videos more, but a contest entry I made recently that is probably quite superior to Arktun :stuck_out_tongue:

Wadda y'all think?


Not bad, the only issue I have with it is the red ankles.

I can't help but feel that the pic of Arxtann "giving advice" reminds me too much of this:

Still nice though.

As for Ymir, my only major complaints are:
-1. The exposed legs bones and gaps in the armor on those legs.
-2. Seemingly no armor for his belly. The chest armor just isn't big enough to cover the entire torso.

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Yeah, I still need work on armoring with CCBS.

I feel ya. Took me a while to get used to using it. But I've gotten a bit better as of late. See this guy?

All his body parts converge at one CCBS torso. However, as Ekorak pointed out, he is still a bit gappy.

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There's a story behind this MOC, but I'm not gonna tell it here. Let's just say I've been working on it over a few years at a time.
The USS Enterprise!

So yeah, this was the latest version I made, based on the one from the original run. I know the colors aren't right, but gimme a break stuck_out_tongue


The Enterprise is really hard to MOC, since it incorporates round shapes and odd angles. Good job!

Any idea if they make those black pieces I used in silver?

No clue, I'm afraid. Do you know what set they came from? You could look them up on Brickset.

This next MOC is quite interesting.

I'm talking about the jet-pack on Torkin.

And now it's a gun. But wait, there's more!

What is this!? It turns into some weird Matoran open_mouth

So yeah, Targetmaster Torkin. The little guy is Irok.


Double-post to keep acteev stuck_out_tongue

This is my attempt at making Akamai and Wairuha out of the new Toa. So...

What I was trying to do was add qualities from the originals into these two, such as Onua's shovels as Akamai's chest. These didn't turn out quite as I had hoped, with Wairuha basically being a Kopaka clone and Akamai having no back-armor, but they work, sorta.


Excellent special effects on the spider falling from the sky

Indeed. Can't get anything like that from Adobe Aftereffects :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I made another quirky character, the Skull Shaman!

He's a quirky healer fellow with an obsession for necromancy.

Although his name might make one think he should be avoided, he really isn't that bad, just a little eccentric. Although some are still terrified by him.

With the advent of the Skull Spiders, the Skull Shaman has been searching for a way to bring the hordes under his sway. Perhaps the fabled Golden Mask of Skull Spiders is the key...