Lesora the Ice Jailer.



It’s a little hard to tell what’s going on with this MOC, what with the pictures, and colour scheme


I like him, his chains really reek of the jailer vibes

And as leafy was here, there must be positive vibes.

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The color scheme is somewhat consistent, otherwise a dull build with lengthy arm design.


The MOC looks pretty mediocre, I can hardly tell what’s what, but I guess it’s good.

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It is a 2005 inspired Titan ccbs build

sorry, but this build comes no were close to a titan scale/appearance; even to a $20 G2 set for standards.

oh no, you have joinned the wendy trend

I would say its a 10-15€ set

It was inspired, not supposed to be even like one, I just wanted the general “look.”

What does that equal in US dollars, I don’t no much about Euros.

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Oh ok. Nice to know.

I’m sorry, but this moc is just a mess. The color scheme is everywhere, his arms are oddly built, I can’t tell what’s going on with the head, and the gap in the torso is just plain annoying.

I’d suggest sticking to two or three colors (white and black would be my recommendations as they are used the most) and fixing up the weird torso shield arm so it looks less awkward. Also you might want to improve the head so it’s more clear that it’s a head.

I’m sorry if I came off as rude, but this moc really needs improvement.

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