Lesovikk's Sea Spear

I've never been completely happy with Lesovikk's original weapon. So I made him a new one:

In addition, the blade can be detached from the shaft and properly wielded as a sword

Please feel free to comment and critique!


Looks great!

How about the Hagah?

What about them?

Simple but effective.

The studs especially help the look.



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This is a really cool design! What makes it better is that I can build it myself and use it. stuck_out_tongue


Ya' know, their staffs. I dunno...

Oh its nice! But it does not make me have Lesovikk! D:


Love it, makes the set feel complete, defiantly. ~Pyrox

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This design hearkens back to the sea very well.

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Very cool redesign! I would argue from the back it looks too long , so in some poses his right arm would be blocked from moving back. But that’s very particular and it would be easy to rearrange the staff on another pin or rotation to avoid that problem.

I do like the concept of using the top separately, something I’ve seen before with a sword or dagger tucked into a walking cane.

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Thanks for the comment after all this time! Dear lord, the colour fidelity on these old pictures is terrible.

Definitely! Looking back at it now, it’s definitely a bit oversized. A little while ago I made a Metru-style revamp of Lesovikk which I think fixed many of these problems; I might post him sometime.

Oooh, interesting. Upon seeing that picture I immediately thought of Lucius Malfoy’s wand/cane from Harry Potter.

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You’re welcome! I stumbled upon this because I was searching for a topic to discuss the “recall” of Lesovikk the set, as Eljay mentioned in his recap review that it had a missing or broken part and wondered if anyone else followed up about that. So it was cool finding this along the way!

Metru-styled Lesovikk sounds cool, lemme know when or if it gets posted!

Oh silly me, I forgot Lucius’ wand cane! Thanks for adding that in too :slight_smile:

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Slick, like the spear redesign, though I can’t tell if you’ve changed lesovik’s body or not

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I may be able to help you with that. I bought Lesovik MISB back in 2014 at a con. When I opened him up, he was indeed missing a piece (one of the grey wheel pieces used as an engine).

Sure thing. [quote=“SonicBionicleMaster, post:14, topic:1534”]
though I can’t tell if you’ve changed lesovik’s body or not

Nope, the rest of his build is pretty much identical to the set (though as I mentioned previously, I have built a Metru-style version of him that I’ll try and post sometime soon.