Lest We Forget: Season 2.5

I had to take a quick hiatus halfway through last season, so I’ll be continuing it here. If you want to know what’s going on with the story, check out season 1 and the first half of season 2!

Season 2 Episode 6:

Onu-Matoran are not particularly strong swimmers. We may not be as bad as Le-Matoran or Po-Matoran, but we still prefer not to swim. Water underground is not usually a good sign, because it means a leak to the Silver Sea outside. Leaks mean floods. Floods. Like the one that destroyed the Archives. Mata Nui has a strange sense of humor, giving me a Kaukau; it saved my life, but is also a reminder of life lost.

“Where are we going?” Lanika asked me. Lanika was a Ga-Matoran friend of mine; I ran into her on accident when I was in Ga-Metru looking for a good deal on Ussal wax, and we have been friends since.
“The Archives. I lost some important things down there when it flooded, and I wanted a good swimmer with me.”
“All that Toa strength and agility, the power to make the ground shake, and you’re still afraid of a little water.” She jested.
“That is a lie! Throwing accusations around like that could get you in trouble with the Bordahk.” I replied, jokingly.
“Alright, alright, you aren’t afraid of water. It’s so easy to push your buttons.” She laughed.
“Hey, I never said I liked water, I meant that I still need to learn how to make the ground shake.” I appreciated our small talk, it made me feel less like a towering powerhouse and more like a Matoran again. After all, she was one of the only Matoran that still talked to me after I became a Toa. We made our way to the Archives, and by the time we got there, I had completely forgotten about the destruction; talking with Lanika was almost therapeutic. Then we reached the large lake that now formed the entrance to the lower section of the Archives, and the memories came flooding back. I jerked back slightly, but Lanika did not tease me for it this time. Her gaze was transfixed on the large pool, noticing all the debris from the flood.
“By Mata Nui…” was all she managed to say. “I- I never realized how much of the Archives…” She was clearly having a hard time taking it in. News may travel quickly in Metru Nui, but it hardly covers all of the details.
“Almost the entirety of the Archives, gone in a matter of minutes.” I said. “If you want to turn back, I will understand.”
“No, I’m going. Let’s be honest here, you’re hopeless without me.” Still had her sense of humor, no matter what. I am still not sure whether that was a good or bad thing, but I do know that in that moment, I was glad I was not alone.


Season 2 Episode 7:

Have we mentioned how annoying Mata Nui is? The Matoran praise him for all the good in the world, and forget that we Makuta did most of the work. {They also seem to neglect the fact that if everything good comes from Mata Nui, then everything bad does too} He also has an annoying habit of influencing people to be more favorable toward unfavorable things, {Like handing a Matoran destined to be a Toa a Makoki stone} It will be nice when Mata Nui is dead.

We came up on the Great Barrier, the wall of rock around Metru Nui designed to filter traffic to the island. {It’s a chokepoint, the bane of any invader} Bringing down the Great Barrier would be a large blow to Metru Nui, but it would be too difficult without major losses. A team of Toa as experienced as the Toa Mangai could hold out here for days, {Especially with the new Toa of Earth sitting around} We had to think of a different way into the city, a passage that the Toa wouldn’t be able to plug. We dove under the water and swam quickly towards the leak to the Archives. {It was deep in the Archives, far down below the surface. Luckily, Makuta don’t need to breathe} We made the hole with a beam of shadow {It took me almost a month to get the surface of the rock weak enough to smash} After that, shapeshifting into the form of a Toa and luring a few Ussal with our powers of Rahi control was a simple task. We still don’t know what we were thinking, giving that Matoran a Makoki stone, but at the time it made sense. The buried Suva was a good place to lure the Matoran, deep in the Archives, {But I forgot one of my most important rules, if you underestimate a Toa, you do so at your own risk} We won’t make that mistake again. This time, we and all our loyal brethren will crush the Toa from underneath their feet, we will rise from the dirt of disdain and remind the Matoran who their real protectors are. {But first, I have a route to secure in the Archives, and I can sense him} We can tell he is here, almost smell it, and we won’t let him run this time. This time, the Toa dies at the hands of Durantaz.


Season 2 Episode 8:

Lhikan talks about destiny a lot. You could argue that he talks about destiny more than he talks about anything else, and no one would be able to disagree. He always says that Mata Nui has a plan for everyone, that everything that happens has a purpose, a place in Mata Nui’s plan. While I believe him, there are times I doubt it. Some things happen for no good reason, and I have trouble remembering the grand purpose, the bigger picture. Being a Toa is not about your elemental power. You must give up your old life, your attachments, you must realize that all life is sacred, you must protect all those that cannot protect themselves, you must always be selfless, immediately willing to help, and most of all, as many of us know too well, you must be willing to lay down your life in service of others.

There was no talking once we entered the Archives. We were both holding our breath, breathing only when we found small alcoves of air or when we used the air bladders we brought with us. Even if we could have talked, I doubt there would have been much to say. The Archives were completely destroyed, save most of the stasis tanks and a few other things. Most of the equipment was trashed, the rubbish still floating around. Occasionally when the lightstone’s glow reached around a corner, we would find inactive electrical devices or bits of metal. It seemed the only things left intact other than the majority of the stasis tanks were the display cases. The books and artifacts were all gone, but the cases remained bolted to the ground in perfect alignment. It was like swimming through an empty library, hollow in an unnatural and unnerving way, with an orderliness to it that seemed wrong for such an empty place. Despite the Rahi in stasis, the Archives felt dead. I had to continually remind myself why I was here; the remains of the Archives were mesmerizing in their tragedy. I would find those Makoki stones, and destiny would guide me. Then the sound came. Quietly at first, until it became a loud hum. The wall nearest me exploded into pieces, and before I could look to see if Lanika was hurt from the blast, I was rammed by a black and yellow blur. The lightstone in my hand dropped to the floor, and I could only see the silhouette of the being that had struck me. This clearly was not a Toa. That thought was affirmed by the voice that ran through my head at that moment:
Hello there. Last time you met us, you didn’t die. {Now I’m here to correct that mistake} You should probably start swimming away, {Swim away quickly, little Toa} We would hate for this to be a boring hunt.


Season 2 Episode 9:

We just love the perks of being a Makuta; the element of surprise is always in a Makuta’s favor. {Not that I need surprise, I have four arms and access to the many powers of the Rahkshi} Of course, we expected a Toa of Earth to be able to anticipate an attack from the earth, {It’s more fun killing them when they know you’re there, and I had spent so much time being indirect that I longed for combat} Apparently this Toa was less familiar with his element than we expected, because he was caught off guard by our entrance through the earth. {After all, presentation is important in anything, and I didn’t want my formal introduction with this Toa to be bland}

The Toa remained in our grasp, not struggling at all. {I didn’t expect him to embrace his death} He closed his eyes, and was completely still. We were very confused by this. Then, the realization came, {He wasn’t embracing defeat, he was concentrating} We felt an incredible force strike us from the side {I cursed myself for not anticipating an attack} and were rammed into the wall. The Toa had pinned us with a fragment of rock the size of our chest. Then, as we started to push it away, we were slammed to the wall again, this time by a shield. {The force was jarring, and it disoriented me more than it should’ve} We used the strength of all four of our arms to push the Toa off, but he used our force to spin, landing a blow to our mask. {I would not let him strike me again} We responded with a flurry of punches, the Toa attempted to position his shield to block, but he wasn’t fast enough. We kicked him away and summoned a shadowbolt, {I was still infuriated that he caught me off guard} No risks, no mistakes, the Toa died here.


Season 2 Episode 10:

Being a Toa means risking death on a daily basis. We all know it, Toa have a dangerous job, but somehow we never acknowledge death. We all know how dangerous the life of a Toa is, but it still seems impossible that a Toa might… die. Toa always make it out okay, right? They overcome the challenges, they win the day. As a Toa, I can confirm that we face many near-death experiences, but we usually come out alive. I guess it has to do with destiny. Then again, that means death is up to destiny as well, and destiny never gives reasons. You just have to trust that there is one.

As I recovered from the last blow, I slowly looked up. The figure that attacked me was still hard to make out in the dark; the glow of the lightstone seemingly dimmed in its presence. Then I noticed the dark energy surging through the figure, and attempted to brace myself, but I was too late. The bolt came hurtling towards me, the impact nearly knocking me unconscious. I struggled to maintain awareness, but I was losing focus. Another blow and I would be out for good.
Today, little Toa, we won’t miss our chance. {I made a mistake in giving you that Makoki stone, but this time there’s nothing to save you} You have no one to help you, nowhere to run. You are OURS.
My mind released itself. Memories of the past came back before me. It was like all of my memories playing at once in an impossibly short time, my entire life came and went. Another shadow bolt came my way, and then… nothing.

Journal Entry One, the Age of Creation:
Long ago, before there were Toa, the Makuta were created. We were made from a pool of Antidermis, which was hardened and made solid, before we were given armor to hold us together. Our mission was twofold: we were to create the Rahi that live in this universe, and we were to be guardians. This second role was not realized initially, but it soon became clear after the First Age of Conflict that we were needed. The Age of Creation was full of experiments and, to some extent, peace. We toiled away at our tasks, grateful for Mata Nui and all that he created before us. However, this Age also housed the Hand of Artahka, an ancient organization designed to keep peace. They were initially suspicious of us, and never truly trusted the Makuta, despite our being half light, half shadow like them. Of course, the prosperity and relative peace couldn’t last, the Age of Creation would end very abruptly with the beginning of the First Age of Conflict.


By Mata Nui, an update! Season 3 is out!