Lest We Forget

Episode 7 is here, and I apologize in advance for being mean with the cliffhanger.

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Hm, this one was rather short but very intriguing at the same time.

I'm afraid the formatting for this episode went awry, as the "inside voice" of this new character wasn't showing up. I have remedied it.


Sorry for the short and late part, guys. Forgetfulness got the best of me.

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Apparently I've updated the original post too many times, so from now on updates will be replies.
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Episode 9:

In case you couldn't guess, we are a Makuta. {Who else would be able to shadow-shift and shapeshift but a Makuta?} We Makuta aren't particularly fond of Toa of Iron and Magnetism. {Mostly because they can kill us without trying} You see, we're made of a substance called Antidermis, and without our armor we would simply dissipate like vapor. We can inhabit another body afterward, of course, providing it has no soul, {Which is about as common as a smart Skakdi} but given enough time without a body, we will die. As such, a Toa who could freely manipulate our armor would be more than a bit annoying, which is why killing Toa of Iron and Magnetism before they become Toa is so important for our master's plan.

We had him! We had the filthy stone rat in our clutches and somehow, he still got away! The anger we feel is indescribable! {Or is it fear I feel?} Our master stressed the importance of eliminating Matoran of Iron and Magnetism above all others, and now there's a Matoran of Iron out there who knows we’re out to kill him! {I can't afford to make a mistake now, not after that last Matoran turned into a Toa before we could kill him} All is not lost though, he still knows nothing of our plans and he probably doesn't even realize what we are. We will need the aid of an old colleague, though we must return to Destral to be sure they can be trusted. {Ah, that's another thing I should explain} There are only a select few that know of our master's plan, and even less who agreed to it. {Those who didn't agree were exiled or killed} When our master presents this plan to the entire Brotherhood he wants things to already be in place, so he can follow through with it whether the others agree or not. We don't know who to trust nowadays, so returning to Destral before we discuss the plan with our old colleague is the safest course of action. {Though I almost hope she isn't trustworthy, it would be nice to watch Gorast have the life drained out of her by Hormahk}


Season 1 finale is here! I'll be taking a small break while I work on season 2, which will likely receive its own topic. Thanks for reading, and I hope you all come back for season 2!

Episode 10:

Becoming a Toa may immediately grant strength, speed, and reflexes beyond that of a Matoran (though being in a different body can be disorienting at first), but elemental power and Kanohi power can take a long time to develop and be mastered. True elemental mastery can take decades, and just learning what your Kanohi is capable of can take months or even years. However, every now and then an exception arises, circumstances demand they learn quicker. I was one of those exceptions, though I wish I was not, for the circumstances that made me learn so quickly are horrors I wish never to repeat.

The wall of water hit like concrete. The breath I had taken beforehand was immediately knocked out of me. I was tumbled around, clutching tightly to my shield. I could see nothing, the water was moving me too quickly, and the crashing sound of the water was nearly deafening. Every now and then I would catch a glimpse of a mining tool or part of a light fixture. I was starting to lose consciousness, the force of the impact had knocked the wind out of me, and I was barely able to keep myself from breathing in a mouthful of water. At that point, I was sure that I would die. I inhaled, and water filled my lungs; I violently expunged it, my chest spasming. Black splotches began to cover my sight, and before I realized it, I had passed out.

I awoke underwater. How I was still alive was a mystery to me. I then realized that I should not be able to breathe. I panicked for a moment, then realized I was not holding my breath, feeling my lungs expand and contract. Somehow, I was breathing underwater, producing my own oxygen. It must have been my mask, that was the only explanation. I had heard stories of the power contained within Great Kanohi, but I never imagined that I would one day use the power of one to survive a fatal event. Thankfully, my shield was still in my hand; I positioned it on my back, I would not need it in here, but if some random debris were to hit my blind spot I'd like my shield to be there. It was very dark, as the lighting structure had collapsed in the flood, and I could not see much of anything. Still, I needed to find my way to the surface. All the water made it difficult to sense the earth, otherwise finding my way in the dark would have been easier. I could not rely on my senses to find my way, so I would need my wit. Coming from Onu-Metru, I did not know much about water, but I did know one thing. Air floats, and so do Toa, if they have air in them. I took a deep breath and held it, then waited. My left leg brushed up against something, I was upside-down. Repositioning myself so I was touching the ceiling, I focused on my senses, where was the earth? Where did it lead? The earth was talking to me, but it wasn't clear, I needed to calm down, relax. Letting the earth tell me what it wanted to tell me, not trying to find what I desired. Then I felt it, the vibrations, the moving rock. I was one with the earth, and I could feel where to go. I kicked with my legs, making sure to keep a hand on the ceiling, and followed my feelings. Even underwater and out of my element, I was still a Toa of Earth, and I was still going to fulfill my destiny, whatever it was.


And earth sinks like its element :stuck_out_tongue:

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