Let There Be Rock!

I made an electric guitar
It took like 4 hours to make, if you were wondering

Yeah, I built a stand for it too

Front side

I had to cut the strings. I know, it’s heresy.

Back side

Now for the best part…

###It can be displayed with mocs!
Now Voltak can play those sick guitar solos!

######also, I changed his black finger to blue so it looks better

With some simple modification to his back, Voltak can store the guitar on his back

Well, that’s all for today
Thanks for viewing, C&C is welcomed


It would be cooler if it could shoot fire.

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Say no more



Is that a new instrument?
In all seriousness this is pretty cool.

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Typo, I’ll fix that
Also thanks

What songs can the moc play?

Whatever you imagine it playing