Lets builds acceptable or not?

What about a lets build? i cant make a simple 2 minute harmless slideshow representing how to make my moc? I Did one for Axarik my Wolf MOC and people are saying i cant do it? makes no sense if i just want to allow people to have a little wolf friend for umarak i cant teach them how to build it?

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Most likely in the Moc tutorials topic, this might be allowed.

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Wheres that??

Here ya go.

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I think the reason people might’ve thought it was promotion was because of how you phrased it: ‘Want to build this MOC? Link to my let’s build video is here!’. The whole ‘let’s build’ title implied that this was some kind of on-going video series, even if it wasn’t.

They are technically allowed, but, there is a fine line between promotion and creative content. So, you’d be better off just posting the images that you used to make the slide show in your moc topic.

– Waj