Lets Make a Superhero

Lets make a SuperHero or Heroine
we need
A Name
Their Power (or Powers)
Their Nemisis
Their Backstory (how they got their Power and why he became a Hero)
Sidekick (if you want to)
And a Love Interest (and the problems with them)

Now the Best won wins and then they choose the next winner

His Name?

Ronald Robjang, the Ruler of the Knives

We need the rest @Plural

Jimmy the Amazing
Super power: coming up with random names
Nemesis: John the con
Backstory: He fell out of space and became magic
Love Interest: Gali mistika
Sidekick: Waffle mctoffle

Life: Is it a plane is it a frog is it hero hactory oh hell no its Jimmy the amazing
He steals from the rich and gives to the poor he also has waffles galore.
If you need a hero just call 525098769 and hell come to your rescue if you have the cash.
His sidekick Waffle mctoffle supplies him with explosive techno waffles ready for battle and breakfast.


Name: Omega Crackerson Chrarles McCrackerJakJack the Revengeance
Power: 4th-wall-kinesis, can defy gravity, flight
Nemesis: Poppalocka Nockka Rokka
Backstory: One day, a young boy named Theodore McSauce Dd’pool XVI discovered a tear in reality that allowed him to see me typing this. He realized he could influence the world be looking through this tear. But just as shoved his head in even further, IRONY lightning struck him and the electrical feed back gave him the power to open up tears in reality on his own. Then he looked through a tear and told me to give him flight and the ability to defy gravity. He decided to become a hero when some random guy (who would become PoppaLocka Nockka Rokka because more IRONY Lightning) called him a chump. To spite him, Theo made a really long and ridiculous superhero name.
Sidekick: Me…because I have to do all the rewrites.
Love interest: None at the moment, but he flirts with any female OC he can find

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Robjang, the Ruler of the Knives
Powers: The ability to cut open boxes
Nemesis: 10 Year Olds who request him to make FNAF MOCs
Backstory: Robjang used to be a guy who made nothing but robots, but now he makes buildings and cars and such. He also owns a variety of knives, which he uses to cut open boxes.
Sidekick: He-Jang
Love Interest: His Unnamed Wife


ftfy, bro.



Can summon bananas and potatoes at will.

He ated a banana and an potato at the same time.

Eaty can summon apples and avocados at will.

A banana-potato hybrid, which almost considers devouring him.

Name: Super Slime
Powers: Eating a whole BBQ Chicken Pizza in only five minutes
Nemesis: Pizza
Backstory: Pizza
Sidekick: Pizza
Love Interest: Pizza


Name: xXx_King_H@rkinian_MLG_xXx
-Drinking Wine.
-Saying ridiculous phrases.
-Being dumb.
Backstory: When he was born, he lived under two wonderful parents who were later killed by Ganondorf, the king of thieves, when he was a young boy. Forced into kingship, he set his main goal in life to defeating and capturing Ganondorf in order to get revenge. Along the way, he had a daughter, Zelda.

Eventually, Zelda was captured by Ganon, and a young boy named Link rescued her from Ganon. Soon, Harkinian grew a bond with Link, allowing him to live in the castle, despite Zelda finding him annoying. Soon, he was calling Link “Mai Boy” and grew a bit more irresponsible.

Soon, he sent forth to defeat Ganon, but was defeated and captured, later getting saved by Link, and again being saved by Zelda. However, he never got to kill Ganon; Link vanquished him on his journey through time. As such, Harkinian soon died, never getting his life-long dream of defeating Ganon.
Sidekick: Mai boy Link.
Love Interest: Dinner.


@Chronicler wins now he will choose the next winner
But will have to implement a secondary rule for this turn which will change every turn and is chosen by the winner of the turn

Coolio, so here’s my rules:

Sidekick (optional):
Love Interest (optional):

And the secondary rule is that it has to be a female.


Name: Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am
Power: Pain reversal (If you hit her, you feel pain and vice versa)
Nemesis: Eric “stop hitting myself” Ericson
Backstory: back in bootcamp, the drill sergeant always picked on her so she got fed up, tore out her brain, redesigned to give her her power, and plopped it back in. From that day, the drill sergeant never touched her again for fear of accidentally dislocating his spine again
Sidekick: The drill sergeant
Love intrest: Obama-chan

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Name: The Mantis
Power: She’s a Kung-Fu expert who practices the art of Praying Mantis Kung-Fu and goes around punching crime in the face.
Nemesis: Silas Noir.
Backstory: One morning while on the way to her day job, The Mantis stumbled upon the Mafia who were about to take someone for a ride. She decided to help the victim before he swam with the fishes and beat-up the thugs. The victim pledged his loyalty to her and became her Chronicler. Now The Mantis runs along rooftops in a black suit every night to punch crime in the face.
Sidekick: Chronicler, who records all her heroic exploits and bumbles along.

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Power: She can make nothing and everything personnel, as well as wrap you in dA favorites and Nine Inch Nails CDs.
Nemesis: Kevin Robinson from School, and Khaoskid663.
Backstory: ahemcoldstina was born with a special power. she was stronger than all his classmates in the femsonic fight academy. she served in the sonic military fighting shadow and in the final battel against shadow they were fighting and shadow turned her to the darkness and coldsina turned against sonic and killed him. she lost a part of her ear in the battle which is why she doesnt not have a part of his ear, pls stop PMing me askin me why thats why. also earings arent gurly [censored] you khaoskid663 everyone knos your a [censored] pokemon scammer [censored]

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Um… One of the requirements is that it needs to be a female character.

I fixed it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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i understand why you were not allowed into the Neverending crossover adventure now.

also Sonic OC have tainted this game


######I was a part of the original and the sequel for a bit of time…

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Will this ever be continued, @Chronicler? :stuck_out_tongue: