Let's talk about nightmares

so i dont know where to put this and i dont want to sleep so lets talk about our worst nightmares

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there was a similar topic but it was about dreams, and another about fears. I believe they’ve already posted nightmares in the dream topic just cuz

oh great yippe hahahahaha ha ha…

I used to have a bunch of recurring nightmares as a kid.
They weren’t really nightmares, so to speak, but they were scary and strange.
Like there was this one where I was running, on a beach, away from a giant enemy crab.
Then there’s this one, where I kept trying to swing over a never-ending rainbow pit but always fell into it.
Finally, and I don’t remember the details, but I always was scared and had nightmares of those weird giant-headed mirror versions of the Wiggles.




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Well, I’d say that this discussion, if anything, would go to the dreams topic, but some people would argue dreams and nightmares are two different things. My fear topic, though… I fail to see what that has to do with nightmares or dreams.

I never really have nightmares. Usually my dreams are heists or require me acting like James Bond.


thats a topic?

You mean the dreams topic?

I never have nightmares because whenever things get bad, I have my sword with me and heads begin to roll.
And those dreams turn from scary to really fun.

Like, I wake up feeling great.

@Hawkflight nightmares are different enough from fears i think
@Onyx_ those mirror wiggles were WEIRD

Anyway, i used to have nightmares everyday until about a year and a half ago. One time, i jumped out of my bunk bed (the top bed) and landed head first on one of those portable heaters, in my sleep. also, i have a tendency to scream at the top of my lungs. Also, my worst was when my science teacher told me about this prehistoric snake called a titanaboa. i remember being half asleep, and seeing it slither toward me when i was in my room. I was trying to get into my closet to get away, and when i woke up my room was trashed and i was lying on the floor in the midst of bionicle, lego, and essays and school papers. In case you didn’t know, i have a mortal fear of snakes.

i smashed my face on a heater and trashed my room “getting away” from a snake

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I had a nightmare one time when my brother was driving me and my sister to the coast on a school night, but me and my sister nagged at him in the car, and once my sister grabbed the wheel, we fell into the river because we were driving over a bridge.

We fell, and me and my bro escaped, by my sister couldn’t swim, so she drowned.

This is one of those realistic dreams that really scare me, because they could happen…


my dreams and nightmares are all connected, they take place in a strange hotel/shopping mall building
each time I go in something different happens
sometimes a monster chases me down and sometimes I just do stuff in the mall

I never have nightmares. Haven’t since childhood.

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Nightmares are exhilarating IMO. I always have dreams of being chased by someone or something, and I often cover great distances through various environments (forests, suburban town, shopping malls, even underwater), and come up with creative ways to elude them…but I always get caught in the end :pensive:

My worst is my first, which was recurring for a number of years until I largely stopped having nightmares about 3 years ago at 14.

A bloody disembodied hand. That was it. The darned thing appeared in a number of places, a number of ways, ad every time ended with it strangling me in some way. It was awful. The first time I had the dream was before I even had my first bionicle, when I was still a young tyke sleeping in a crib. I dreamt it came out of a sock on the ground, after a time writhing. Needless to say, being trapped in a crib with a bloody hand trying to strangle you was terrifying. To make it worse, after I had “died” in the dream, I thought I had woken up- I hadn’t. Upon calling for my parents something showed up, something that scarred me to this day- sunblock monsters (don’t judge me I was 1 or 2 maybe 3 at oldest sunblock was scary back then)

Then I woke up for real and sobbed in my crib for hours because I was too scared to call my parents, eventually they came in cause they could hear me.

Anywho, that darned hand showed up once or twice a year whilst I slept for a while after that, in a number of places- an abandoned theater, my house in my kitchen which I fortified with LEGO bricks (I was an odd kid OK), near the ocean, at an abandoned carnival (although in that one I was bitten by a rat and caught the bubonic plague), and more.

Needless to say, it was awful.

Weirder still, my both parents had the same thing as their first nightmare.

So. I hate hands that don’t seem to be attached to things… That’s that.


I know it’s not much, but does anyone know the falling dream?
In this dream, you are falling, and just before you hit the ground, you wake up.
I hate these dreams.

Now I sound like I’m talking about Inception


Whenever I just feel myself falling asleep, I always fall and I jolt and realize that I was asleep :frowning:

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I once had a nightmare

Aquatic velociraptors


I don’t get nightmares. I don’t envy any of you.