Let's talk Kanohi Rua

So… this is just a brainwave I had

When the Silver Metal Krana Kal were made, they were a thin coat of sterling silver metal over hard light gray plastic
The Muaka/Kane-ra had silver painted panel fairings (under they eyes) which were also painted over light gray plastic

What if the Chrome Hau were over light gray plastic as well??? I’m sure it’s not, but what if?

I’ll have to buy one someday to find out, would go nicely with my Chrome Matatu and Rau anyway :smiley:

You do realize that Chromium is a relatively cheap metal right? It’s not dirt cheap like lead or zinc, but it’s certainly cheaper than most. You could probably make your (or have someone) own if you (or someone else) has the metal plating skills.

Also, I’m pretty sure the chrome hau is plated, like most things.


I’m sure it’s plated, I’m more curious what color hau it is plated over, since lego typically has a history of plating over similar colors (aka silver over gray, gunmetal over black, gold over tan, etc)

So I’m wondering if it’s possible lego made a gray hau to plate, or just plated a red one

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Probably whatever ABS pellets were cheapest at the time.

The most intresting chrome thing LEGO did was a prototype fully chrome Toa Matau Metru they made just to see how expensive it would be.

On the topic of how they are made I think they use a Ghost white base for their chrome parts because it’s their most basic plastic variant from what I’ve gathered.

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Having a couple with the paint coming off, i can confirm, it’s ghost white.

Also, I thought we were talking about chrome plating, not chrome paint. It’s a distraction to make. Which are we talking about, @Skybird?

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Interesting Tarkur

I’ll try to clarify, the question I am asking is:
what color is the plastic that lies beneath the chrome plated Hau from the power pack?

I mentioned lego painted parts because both painted and metal plated were typically done over plastics of a similar base color (ex: silver paint applied over light gray plastic, gold paint over tan plastic, Silver metal over light gray plastic)

when you say “having a couple with paint coming off” what are you referring to by “couple”? Could you specify?

I have a piece (maybe two if I can find it) with the chrome paint peeling off.

ahhh, gotcha, I just got a reply from someone with a chrome Hau over on BZP and they’ve confirmed that it is plated over light gray plastic

so a light gray Hau is technically possible… though not very practical

Eh. You just need an abrasive or solvent.

That thing in the lego movie, with the nail polish? That works. It’s not as easy as they make out, it takes a lot more rubbing, but it can be done. It’s just paint.

Turns out I found a better chemical, for removing chrome anyway (not sure if it works with paint, and be careful with acetone as it does damage ABS)

The model car molding community had my answer (hot wheels, matchbox, etc)

Someone recommended a detergent called “super clean” which removed chrome in seconds without harming the plastic!! I may be buying a few chrome pieces soon to test :smiley:

You’ve don’t seem to realize, most lego chrome pieces don’t actually have chromium in it. it’s just reflective paint. Any sort of paint remover will work. I don’t think there ARE any lego pieces with actual Chrome plating.

The chrome hau was released with the Power Pack. It’s a regular chrome-painted hau. Using actual chromium would too expensive for general retail.

Hmmm, this is the first I’ve heard, and I’ve had info counter to this, still it’s worth a shot since the detergent does not harm ABS and nail polish remover does albeit, slowly

Are you certain though, Chromium isn’t a terribly expensive metal (I can get parts plated for less then a dollar, and that’s on a small scale) Lego has coated plastics in various other metals throughout the run of bionicle, before and after

I’m 87% certain.

All the metal plated parts that have been released were 1 time promotional deals. You couldn’t buy them, they were won, or given away.

The chrome hau was included in the Power Pack, which was a retail product you could buy them. Lego wouldn’t use a metal when there is a vastly cheaper alternative in chrome paint.

Obviously, I haven’t actually laid my hands on it, so I can’t say for absolute certain. Your best bet is to find a video review on the Power Pack, and see what they have to say. This is the sort of thing that gets mentioned in reviews.

I’ve always heard it was chrome plated, I know that most of the vmkk/sskk/wmkk were included in bohrok kal sets off the shelf, granted they were still a “chance to win” type item.

That said, every review I’ve seen of the power pack has mentioned it as chrome, but I won’t strictly take someones word for it either, I can’t be certain for sure until I have one in hand.

well, chrome and chrome plated are two different things.

what you need to do, is listen carefully to the review, when they put on the table or what have you, listen. Does it sound like plastic, or does it sound more like metal?

Then we can solve this once and for all.

No this is too much effort

And I mean… I have metal coated things that don’t sound like metal when dropped or set down, the sound would be in part due to the resonance, which a solid piece of metal and a metal plated piece of anything wouldn’t share, since they are not the same material throughout. You can check with any older chrome plated car part, which will often be chrome plated plastic.

Again, I will check when I have a Chrome Hau in hand to be sure.

But I see what you are pointing out, and I edited my previous reply